Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his address to the nation today after the country crossed the milestone of 100 crore vaccinations, said it was not just a number but representative of the country’s ability and of a “new India”. “100 crore vaccines is just not a number. It is the reflection of the capacity of this country, this is a new chapter of the country, a country that knows how to achieve huge targets” said the prime minister.

Saying that the achievement was an answer to all those criticising India’s vaccination drive, Modi said, “Everyone is comparing India to other countries but remember India’s starting point was different. The other countries have always participated in medicine and vaccination for a long time and everyone questioned whether India will be able to do the needful. 100 crore jabs is the answer to all the questions.”

This was Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tenth address to the nation since March 2020. The first was on March 19, 2020, in which PM Modi had announced the Janta Curfew amid surging Covid-19 cases.

Earlier in the day, describing India’s vaccination drive as a journey from “anxiety to assurance” that has made the the country emerge stronger, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote: “The journey from anxiety to assurance has happened and our nation has emerged stronger, thanks to the world’s largest vaccination drive. It has been a truly bhagirath effort involving multiple sections of society.”