Delta has launched a new partnership with audio streaming provider Spotify, to offer passengers access to a range of curated playlists and podcasts inflight.

Beginning this month customers can select from “specially curated versions of Spotify’s most popular playlists and more than 40 select podcast series curated by Spotify and Delta” via their seatback screens.

Playlists include Mood Booster, Relax and Unwind, Rap Caviar and Hot Country, with choices set to be regularly updated and expanded with new tracks and episodes “to ensure customers always have the latest hits and new playlists during their journey – including selections from artists and genres they might not have discovered yet”.

The agreement is part of what Delta is referring to as “a reimagining of the onboard entertainment experience”.

Earlier this year the carrier outlined enhancements to its inflight wifi provision, which it says will offer faster speeds and “the ability to stream the entertainment of your choice on your flight”.

Delta says that it plans to equip “nearly all its domestic mainline fleet” with enhanced connectivity by the end of 2022.

Delta promises faster, personalised inflight wifi

Commenting on the news Ranjan Goswami, SVP – Brand Experience, said:

“Our customers expect the very best in-flight entertainment when flying on Delta and Spotify is the very best in music and podcasts.

“We are not only elevating the audio experience onboard, but best-in-class content also is the foundation for our vision of a more personalized travel journey in the future that customers won’t find anywhere else.”