Austria has eased its restrictions on visitors from the UK.

Fully vaccinated travellers from the UK will no longer have to undergo quarantine, but instead show either proof of double vaccination, recovery from Covid infection, or a negative Covid-19 test upon arrival in the country.

Austria’s travel portal revealed that the UK has been removed from Austria’s “virus variant areas” list along with India, Russia, Botswana, Nepal, South Africa and Zambia.

Non-vaccinated visitors from these countries can also enter Austria for non-essential reasons but will have to undergo a ten-day quarantine, though children under 12 travelling with fully vaccinated adults are exempt.

The Netherlands has also been moved to the safe countries’ list, with travellers no longer needing a PCR test but instead either a negative antigen test, proof of vaccination or past infection.

This will come as welcome news to British travellers as Austria was recently moved to the UK’s ‘green’ list meaning that Brits will not have to self-isolate upon return home.

The portal also provided information regarding vaccination requirements:

“From 18 August, new requirements pertaining to vaccinations will apply: to enter Austria, vaccinated travellers will need to show proof of either both completed doses of AstraZeneca, BioNtech/Pfizer, Moderna, Sinopharm, or Sinovac or one Johnson & Johnson dose + 22 days or proof of past infection + one vaccination dose + 22 days.”

Austria is also accepting travellers who have had two doses of two different authorised vaccines.