Emirates has launched a new incentive aimed at getting small and medium sized businesses in the UK to sign up to its Business Rewards corporate loyalty programme.

Firms registering an account by July 27, 2021 using the code EKBRUNSMEDAY21 will receive a bonus of 10,000 Business Reward Points, which the carrier says is the equivalent of one economy class return ticket to selected destinations in Europe (not including surcharges and airport taxes).

Emirates says it currently has over 20,000 SMEs enrolled in the programme

Note that to sign up for the programme via the online form here, businesses must be able to provide a UK trade licence number – those that are unable to do so will have to make a manual enquiry.

In promoting the incentive the carrier said:

“In the UK, Emirates works with and supports a huge number of SMEs providing a wide range of services such as cleaning, ground transportation, engineering, maintenance and local food supply.

“The airline is committed to supporting the long-term growth of small and medium sized businesses around the world and has worked with many of its UK suppliers for several years.

“For example, Emirates has a 15-year relationship with West Coast Motors, a contracted crew transport provider in Glasgow, and this long association has supported this business in establishing its reputation in the local area.

“Similarly, Emirates has worked with headset provider GO2 Telecom since 2014, and is pleased to have enabled business continuity over the last year despite the pandemic.”