Air New Zealand is conducting a four-week trial of changes to its domestic catering, looking at “ways we can improve our food and beverage offering, both before our customers fly and while they’re on board”.

Business Traveller was alerted by to a LinkedIn post by ANZ’s general manager customer Leeanne Langridge, which states that the trial would include “how we do service and how we can provide more choice”.

Changes will include signage on trolleys “so customers know what’s on offer”, and the provision of alternative snacks.

“We know our customers love the cookie and chip combo, but what if there’s something else?” said Langridge.

“We’ll be co-designing our customer experience with our customers – trusting them to know whether the changes will work for them. And because we’re trialling an idea rather than a finished product, they’ll be inputting into the end result.”

Landridge said that the trial would be guided by three basic principles: to try, to test and to explore.

“So next time you’re on board one of our domestic flights, and you notice we’re trialling something different, don’t be shy to give us your feedback,” ended Landridge. “We’ll be using the age old thumbs up, thumbs down approach on board.”

Air New Zealand recently published its traffic figures for April 2021, showing a huge rise in passenger numbers compared to the same period last year, driven primarily by domestic services.

Air New Zealand records 5,600 per cent jump in passenger traffic this April