Saudi Arabia and Qatar have reopened their air, land and sea borders following a deal brokered by Kuwait’s Emir Sheikh Nawaf.

This will allow the Qatari Emir, Sheikh Tamim, to attend the 41st GCC Summit, which starts today (Tuesday January 5) in the north-western Saudi city of AlUla.

It is hoped the summit will lead to improved relations between KSA and Qatar, with Saudi Arabia in particular keen to end the diplomatic dispute with its Gulf neighbour.

According to reports in UAE newspaper, The National, Kuwait’s Foreign Minister Ahmad Al Sabah said: “The desire for unity and reunification was emphasised during a phone call between Kuwait’s Emir Sheikh Nawaf, Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.”

The leaders also agreed to sign a statement at Alula, which would mark “the beginning of a bright page in fratenal relations”.

A video statement on the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister’s Twitter account confirmed the reopening of the Saudi-Qatar borders.