American Airlines is trialling a new app aimed at helping customers to understand the testing and documentation requirements for their destinations, and to streamline airport check-in through digital verification.

The Verifly (styled VeriFLY) app has been produced by identity assurance leader Daon, and will begin trials from November 18 on the carrier’s flights from (or connecting through) Miami to the Jamaican destinations of Montego Bay and Kingston.

Passengers will have the option to test the free app by creating a secure profile prior to travel, then confirming details including their flight information, a negative Covid-19 test which fulfils their destinations requirements, and “any required documentation for travel to their destination based upon requirements published at that time”.

As customers verify each required element, the app will display a “pass” or “fail” message – these passengers will then be able to use an expedited entry lane at Miami airport’s North Terminal, where they will be required to show their approved “pass” validation.

AA plans to expand the trial to additional markets “in the weeks and months ahead”, and is also working with “multiple countries” to further streamline the process, incorporating the app at destination airports to allow for expedited verification at both ends of the journey.

The airline also stressed that “Daon has stated that Verifly stores travellers’ information in a secure manner”.

Commenting on the news Robert Isom, president of American Airlines, said:

“Piloting this new solution is a direct response to our customers’ increasing desire to explore more international travel opportunities. The app will help us deliver a more seamless travel experience as we support demand return and put customers’ minds at ease that they are fully prepared for their trip.”

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