Lufthansa Group has published an update on refunds processed over the last few months as a result of Covid-19 cancelled flights.

The group said it had paid out over €2.3 billion in refunds to 5.4 million customers. At its Lufthansa subsidiary 92 per cent of all refund applications from the first half of the year have now been processed and paid.

Lufthansa Group said that it had “worked hard to increase its reimbursement capacities significantly”, with processes adapted to allow payments to be made more quickly, and employees being redeployed from other departments.

The group said that it aims to pay out on all “justified claims” received by the end of June, by the end of this month.

The published figures also show that refunds are currently pending for 1.4 million customers, including new requests.

Consumers’ association Which? recently reported that several UK airlines are failing to refund passengers in the timesframes agreed with the Civil Aviation Authority, singling out Ryanair, Virgin Atlantic and Tui and calling on the government “to give the CAA the clout to effectively hold airlines to account”.

“Airlines failing to refund passengers in agreed timeframes”

Last week Qatar Airways published its own refund figures, with $1.2 billion having been paid out to 600,000 passengers, equating to 96 per cent of refund requests since March.,,