In his live media address today, civil aviation minister Hardeep Singh Puri has offered detailed updates on fare structures and guidelines to be followed for domestic flights’ resumption, May 25 onwards.

From metro to metro (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Hyderabad ) cities, 1/3rd capacity of approved summer schedule 2020 will be allowed to operate. For metro to non-metro cities and vice versa with weekly departures more than 100, 1/3rd of approved summer schedule can function; and for weekly departures less than 100, airlines are free to operate any routes of 1/3rd capacity of the approved summer schedule.

Flight routes have been classified into seven sections: Flight time less than 40 minutes; 40 – 60 minutes; 60 – 90 minutes; 90 – 120 minutes; 120 – 150 minutes; 150 – 180 minutes and 180 – 210 minutes.

Airfares will be regulated based on flight duration. Lowest and highest possible fares have been fixed for each class of flights.

The lowest fare for Delhi-Mumbai route, the densest route in the country, has been fixed at ₹3,500 and highest fare at ₹10,000. The caps, along with rider of 40 per cent tickets in the lower bracket of the band, enable us to ensure reasonable fares for both passengers and airlines,” Ministry of Civil Aviation. 

On the subject of social distancing onboard, Puri said “We don’t plan to leave the middle seat vacant, this does not meet the physical distancing requirement. We take other corresponding preventive measures. Keeping seat vacant will pass cost increase to customers, this option has not been pursued the world over.”

Safety guidelines include:

  • No physical check-in at the airport, only web check-in will be allowed.
  • All departing passengers have to be registered with Aarogya Setu app on their phones. And those with green status on the app will only be allowed inside the terminal. An alternative option includes self-declaration form available on the Civil Aviation Ministry website.
  • No inflight meals; and cabin crew needs to be in full protective gear.
  • Only one check-in bag allowed and passengers have to report at least two hours before departure.
  • Passengers have to wear a face mask and carry sanitisers.