Ryanair has extended its limited flight schedule for a further two weeks to Thursday May 14, with over 99 per cent of its fleet remaining grounded.

The following flights are currently operating on either a daily or weekly basis:

To / from Ireland

  • Dublin to Stansted, Gatwick, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Bristol, Glasgow, Manchester, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Lisbon and Cologne
  • Cork to Stansted

To / from the UK

  • Stansted to Dublin, Eindhoven, Lisbon, Cork, Berlin and Budapest
  • Gatwick to Dublin
  • Birmingham to Dublin
  • Edinburgh to Dublin
  • Bristol to Dublin
  • Glasgow to Dublin
  • Manchester to Dublin

The Irish carrier said that it was “working with EU Governments to try to keep some minimum flights open for emergency reasons, even though the passenger loads on these flights is very low”.

It added that all aircraft are being disinfected daily, and that social distancing was naturally being optimised onboard through low loads. CEO Michael O’Leary recently said that Ryanair would not resume flights if it had to keep the middle seat free, calling the idea “idiotic”.

Earlier this month O’Leary also predicted an airline price war when global travel restrictions are lifted, saying that “When this thing is over there is going to be such massive discounting going on that there will be a large spike upward in travel and tourism for a period of time”.

Rival low-cost carrier Easyjet grounded its entire fleet at the end of March, stating that “At this stage there can be no certainty of the date for restarting commercial flights”.

Meanwhile Hungarian budget airline Wizz Air has announced plans to restart selected services from Luton this week.