Professionals, university students, and school kids are seen signing up for various free online courses and education programmes during this ongoing social distancing phase where the governments of almost all countries have asked schools, colleges, coaching classes and private companies to remain temporarily shut due to the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Edutech players like upGrad, Simplilearn, Vedantu and MyToppr have been seeing new registrations amidst lockdown.

As reported by Edutech startup upGrad’s founder and managing director, Mayank Kumar feels that the pandemic has shown the upside potential of online education, leading to a 50 per cent surge in registrations over the last two weeks. And those who are working from home are looking to upskill themselves with the courses in digital marketing (aspects include search engine optimisation, google analytics among others) and data science (analytics and machine learning).

The firm’s upcoming live lecture ‘The Covid-19 awareness programme’ is ideal for individuals to learn about Covid-19. The programme will cover topics like handling your finances in the current market, optimising whilst working from home, mental health during a lockdown, learning and upskilling. Starting from April 1 to April 5, 2020, check all the details of the programme here.

Similarly, Simplilearn, a global leader in digital skills training have been offering courses on cybersecurity, Cloud, Al and data sciences for corporates looking to upgrade themselves in their respective IT sectors.

Another player MyToppr’s too offers free live classes and video classes from the comfort of home.

Edutech company Vedantu has been promoting #21DayLearningChallenge where students of grade one-12 and JEE and NEET are offered free access to all their live online classes and premium courses.

Meanwhile, if you are looking to give your kids new-age career guidance, ProTeen, a gamified web, and mobile platform is the place you need to register.