The Indian government is set to launch an application ‘CoWin-20’ that will help users check the spread of the coronavirus infection and help curb community transmission by tracking individuals by their smartphone locations.

As reported by News18, the CoWin-20 app is currently in beta testing for both iOS and Android platforms and will be launching soon in India.

With CoWin-20, the Indian government aims to track the individuals’ personal travel history to determine if at all they are potentially at risk of the coronavirus.  The application also helps figure how many people might have come in contact with those individuals, then quarantine people if need be. The highlight of the app is that it will track the community transmission of the coronavirus.

Additionally, the app will have details and other information about the location of testing labs; quarantine centres in Indian cities; travel and government advisories and safety measures and precautions guided by the Government of India.

Recently, Ministry of Health and My Gov India, a citizen engagement platform of Government of India, along with the Facebook-owned messaging app, WhatsApp, rolled out helpline number +919013151515 to ensure that citizens of India receives accurate and verified information on the novel coronavirus.