Air France has announced eight routes running during the summer 2019 season from Paris-Charles de Gaulle.

They include four new routes, to Heraklion in Greece, Palermo and Olbia in Italy, and Split in Croatia.

Four other routes are continuations from the 2018 summer season, flying to Bari and Cagliari in Italy, Dubrovnik in Croatia and Ibiza in Spain.

Olbia and Cagliari will be operated by Air France subsidiary Hop.

The airline released the following information for the returning routes, which begin in April:



Maximum number of weekly services Starting Until Aircraft YoY percentage  change in seat capacity
Bari 7 April 2  



September 1

A319 / A320 +40
Cagliari 8 April 13 Embraer 190 & Embraer 175 +14
Dubrovnik 5 April 6 A319 / A320 +150
Ibiza 7 April 13 A318 +130

And this information for the new routes:

Maximum number of weekly services Starting Until Aircraft
Heraklion 3 July 17  



September 1

Palermo 4 July 18 A319
Olbia 4 July 15 Embraer 190
Split 4 July 16 A318 / A319

Last week Air France said it would likely close its millennial-oriented subsidiary Joon, returning its aircraft and routes to the Air France brand.