Amine Ghanem, Oenologist Wine Quality Manager at the French-based luxury champagne house Moët & Chandon believes that India holds great potential as a big market for luxury champagne. Ghanem, who recently visited India to explore its champagnes sector, said, “India is an authentic and historic country, but at the same time it is innovative. So, we think that India will be a very big market for luxury champagne.”

Moët & Chandon has been producing luxury champagne since 1743.

Over the years, Moët & Chandon has established itself as a brand that offers high-quality products that suit every moment of life — “Moet Imperial, our flagship product is to celebrate success and wedding; Rosé Impérial is for a romantic time, and Mini Moët is perfect for picnics and casual events,” adds Ghanem, who has been associated with the champagne house since 2016.

Commenting on how Moët & Chandon is keeping up with the industry trends, Ghanem says, “We create trends, we don’t follow them. For instance, Moët Ice Impérial, our champagne specifically created to be enjoyed on ice could be a trend in the hot countries like In India, Africa, Mexico, In Latin America. Similarly, Moët Rosé Impérial can be a trend in Japan during autumn.”