British Airways is getting ready to launch a new digital bag tag option next month, which will allow users to synch the tag with flight details held in their BA app.

The carrier has yet to announce full details of the service, and indeed the website address – which has been set up for the launch – currently simply says “Digital bag tag… coming soon…”.

But the latest edition of BA’s Business Life magazine carries a promotional page confirming that the service will launch for customers in January 2019.

According to the page “TAG is a digital reusable bag tag that seamlessly connects your luggage to your smartphone. Simply attach your personal TAG to your luggage before you arrive at the airport, and the BA app makes sure your details travel with it along the way.”

BA says the tags will cost £60 (US$76), and can be reused “more than 3,000 times”, and the airline adds that “Unlike other similar products on the market, TAG’s clever design doesn’t require you to screw-mount it to a suitcase or use adhesive materials”, working instead like a traditional luggage label which can be transferred to which ever piece of luggage the customers is travelling with.

The carrier says that the tag is “affordable and accessible (especially if you’re able to expense it as part of your business travel costs)”, and says that it will save time at bag drop facilities.

Business Traveller in fact first reported on BA digital bag tag trials back in 2013, with the carrier stating at the time that the service could reduce the time spent at bag drop to just 35 seconds.

Last month we reported that BA is trialing access to over 7,000 digital magazines and newspapers in the carrier’s lounges and inflight.