The average work day on a business trip is 14 hours and business travellers typically get just two hours daily when they’re not required to work, according to a survey by the men’s clothing retailer Jos. A. Bank.

It’s not the jet-setting experience you might have imagined from watching old episodes of Mad Men; in fact, 63 per cent of frequent business travellers say they even feel pressured to put those few precious hours of free time to work, such as through networking or meeting preparation.

In addition to the time crunch, the 2,000 business travellers surveyed cited separation from family, airport hassles, and living out of suitcases as among the chief causes of stress on the road.

The men’s suit maker also found that travellers felt pressure to maintain a professional appearance while travelling and sometimes struggled to keep clothing clean and wrinkle-free. Two-thirds of respondents said having a good suit was essential to a successful business trip.

What do business travellers enjoy about their job? The opportunity to see new places, meet new people, and accumulate rewards points were frequently cited. Road warriors also enjoy trying out local restaurants and exploring destinations when they have time to do so, the survey found.

Business travellers cited ten secrets to a successful trip:

  • Be prepared
  • Be flexible/go with the flow
  • Believe in yourself and be positive
  • Expect the unexpected
  • Don’t stress about what you can’t control. Let yourself focus on the matter at hand.
  • Enjoy the adventure
  • Keep smiling
  • Pack smart
  • Plan ahead
  • Work hard

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