SpiceJet is set to be the first Indian airline to offer free onboard wifi. The low-cost carrier has inducted its first Boeing 737 Max aircraft which is equipped to provide inflight internet service. SpiceJet had ordered up to 205 of these planes last year in a deal worth $22 billion.

Each of SpiceJet’s Max will be fitted with Satcom to enable onboard internet services.

Ajay Singh, SpiceJet chairman said, “We are excited to take delivery of our very first 737 MAX 8. This is a huge milestone in SpiceJet’s journey. These new airplanes will enable us to open new routes while reducing fuel and engineering costs, as well as emissions. The 737 MAX will dramatically reduce noise pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Passengers will benefit from a large number of premium seats and, for the first time in India, broadband internet onboard.”

Currently, the airline is awaiting the government’s approval on the inflight internet service.

However, in May this year, India’s Telecom Commission approved the proposal by the Department of Telecommunications to allow calls and internet services on aircraft above Indian airspace. A final approval on this is awaited in November this year. spicejet.com