Long waits at airport check-in counters and security checkpoints were blamed by 14 per cent of Americans for missing flights last year, according to a new survey by credit-card company Capital One.

Millennial-aged travellers, in particular, had a problem arriving early enough to the airport to ensure making their flight.

More than one in four millennials (28 per cent) said that long waits at the airport caused them to miss flights in the previous 12 months.

Overall, three-quarters of the 1,000 US travellers surveyed said wait times influenced their arrival time at the airport, as well as how they dress and pack for trips.

The survey found that about half of travellers who said concerns about wait times influenced their arrival time at the airport got to the terminal one and half to two hours prior to takeoff.

Majorities of travellers also said they wore slip-on shoes and avoided wearing belts or jewelry to ease their passage through security.