Tokyo’s Narita International Airport has the best dining among 15 top international airports studied by RewardExpert, which praised the airport for its high quality and low food prices.

The RewardExpert 2018 International Airport Dining Scorecard gave Narita a 4.77 score out of a possible 5, which was .67 points higher than the second-place winner, Taoyuan International Airport in Taipei, Taiwan.

Narita got perfect 5.00 scores for its food quality and prices, with a 3.46 score for the diversity of its dining options.

“Yakitori, Sushi, Udon and Tonkatsu abound in [Narita]; you can get some great Japanese food that will leave both your tummy and your wallet satisfied,” according to RewardExpert.

Scoring data was drawn from a variety of sources, including Yelp and TripAdvisor reviews and JD Power and Zagat ratings.

Taoyuan received a 4.10 score, followed by Hong Kong International Airport (4.03), Changi Airport in Singapore (3.94), and Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport (3.88).

Sydney International Airport received a 5.00 score for its diverse dining options, but the airport’s lagging quality and cost scores dropped the Australian airport to 7th place overall.

London’s Heathrow International Airport received the single lowest score in the survey — 1.33 for the high cost of dining in the airport — but came 10th overall. The top rated restaurant at Heathrow was Gordon Ramsey’s Plane Food (pictured).

Rome’s Fiumicino Airport finished last overall among the 15 airports rated, being one of the most expensive airports to eat at on the list, and offering the least cuisine diversity.

The full rankings can be seen here.

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