Star Alliance and Heathrow have launched an improved transfer process for travellers connecting at Terminal 2.

Customers whose flights arrive and depart at T2B, can now pass through security within the same concourse, rather than having to visit T2A and then return.

The alliance said that the new facility would allow travellers to “make better use of their time on the ground between flights”, with eligible premium passengers able to use the Air Canada, Singapore Airlines and United lounges in T2B.

Star Alliance also said that “With this dedicated security checkpoint now being available, Star Alliance member airlines and Heathrow can now work together to deliver a more seamless transition for transferring passengers with optimised aircraft stand allocation”.

“This means inbound aircraft can be allocated a stand close to the departing aircraft and passengers will only need to walk a matter of steps for their next flight.”

Terminal 2 is home to all 24 Star Alliance carriers serving Heathrow.

Meanwhile the alliance has also unveiled a new website for its customers in the UK.

The dedicated site at showcases key Star Alliance benefits, including lounge locations, facilities at Heathrow, and an illustration of how members can earn and redeem miles.