Business travellers stuck with a long layover or looking for a quiet workspace can book hotel rooms a few hours at a time through the As You Stay mobile app.

Hourly stays have long been associated with motels, but As You Stay works with major brands such as Hilton, Marriott, Carlson, and IHG, as well as smaller boutique properties to fill rooms that would otherwise go unoccupied.

Business travellers arriving at odd hours (such as on a red-eye flight) pay only for the time they spend in the room, not the entire night, and are not constrained by normal check-in and check-out times.

Software and productivity blog LifeHacker compares As You Stay to Hotel Tonight, another app that allows travellers to make last-minute bookings.

“Hotels aren’t filling those rooms anyway, so they’re willing to flex the hours to accommodate guests,” says LifeHacker.

Using the app, travellers can enter their location and the hours that they need a room. The app will generate a list of available properties and rates. Users earn credit toward free hours that can be applied to future stays. 

As You Stay is available for both iOS and Android devices.