Swiss hotel group Mövenpick has unveiled a new logo created by London-based brand design agency Bulletproof.

The new logo provides a different take on the gold bird icon, giving it “new depth and movement to let it soar over a cleaner, more modern word marque within a contemporary suite of Mövenpick corporate colours”.

The design agency added that “bold secondary colours offset the new Mövenpick corporate red, bringing life to the brand and adding vibrancy and variety to hotel brochures and communications.”

The bird has been part of Mövenpick’s logo since the brand was created in 1948. The story goes that Mövenpick founder Ueli Prager admired the elegant movement of the seagull – translated as “Möwe” in German – and decided to name his first restaurant after it.

The group is also implementing a new service philosophy called ‘We Make Moments’. This initiative will focus on creating memorable moments for guests and providing individualised gestures with “an extraordinary, human touch of personal detail.”

Mövenpick currently operates 83 hotels across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.