Delta launched RFID tags back in April, embedding a microchip and antenna in every luggage tag to emit radio waves identifying and tracking the bag and store the data within.

RFID has already been utilised by Delta to decrease the likelihood of mishandled bags, as each tag is scanned with RFID technology as it enters and exits each aircraft, verifying that it is on the correct path.

Delta currently utilises RFID tags and scanners in 25 airports and plans to bring this number to 84 in coming months. This will equip over 85 per cent of bags flying Delta with RFID technology.

Though Delta is the only carrier using RFID on a global scale, the International Air Transportation (IATA) has found that employing RFID technology worldwide could decrease the number of mishandled bags by 25 per cent and save the airline industry US$3 billion by 2022.

The new tracking method complies with IATA Resolution 753, which requires airlines to track all baggage from start to finish beginning in June 2018.