British Airways is to make changes to its credit card booking fees, moving from a £5 flat rate charge to a 1 per cent fee.

The new fee – which comes into effect for bookings made from December 14 – will be capped at a maximum of £20 per ticket, with no minimum.

It means that customers booking flights totalling under £500 will actually see their credit fee fall, while those booking more expensive tickets, or booking for groups or families, will pay more.

Note that the £20 per cap is per ticket, not per booking, so a customer booking four £2,000 tickets under one booking / transaction would pay £80 in credit card fees.

BA has given Business Traveller the following statement:

“British Airways continues to offer free payment methods on and through travel agents.

“From December 14 2016, if customers choose to pay using a credit card they will now be charged a one per cent fee of their total ticket price, up to a maximum of £20.

“We do not profit from these charges, they contribute towards the fees levied by the credit card companies.”

The new fee applies to credit card bookings only.

Business Traveller contacted Virgin Atlantic to clarify the carrier’s credit card fees, and was told by a spokesperson:

“Since our technology change last week – we don’t charge at all now for credit card fees.”

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