In January 2006, national carrier Air India had ordered 68 Boeing aircraft — 27 Dreamliners (B787) and 41 B777s and B737-800s. However, due to the 2008 financial crisis, and battle with subsequent loses, the airline could only accept delivery of the first batch of B787 aircraft in 2015.

In 2016, two more B787s were delivered. Currently, 22 B787s form part of Air India’s fleet, which are deployed on long haul routes.

It will receive the 23rd B787 in early January 2017. “We will be taking delivery of the 23rd Boeing 787 Dreamliner on January 9 and hope to have the last batch of four more Dreamliners by the end of this fiscal year. That will have us completing the process that started more than a decade ago in 2006,” says Air India’s finance director, Vinod Hejmadi. 

The balance aircraft from Boeing will be received in parts in the coming years.