Despite earlier this month announcing the opening of two new Moxy Hotels in Japan in the latter half of this year, Marriott International’s Japan portfolio looks set for even greater growth as the company schedules the opening of five new resort destinations across the country this summer.

The new properties will all operate under the group’s Marriott Hotels brand, and collectively comprise more than 800 rooms. Perhaps most notable about the properties, though, are their varied and intriguing locations – ranging from lakes by the base of Mount Fuji to hot springs on the Izu Peninsula.

“These five dynamic resorts are going to expand the mind and spark new ways of thinking about Japan as a travel destination,” said Mike Fulkerson, Marriott’s vice president of brand marketing for Asia-Pacific. “The properties will let guests venture beyond the well-trodden metropolises and tourist hubs without compromising on modern comforts and access to technology.”

Among the new properties are the 136-room eco- and hot spring-focused Karuizawa Marriott Hotel in Nagano, approximately two hours’ from Tokyo, along with the Nanki Shirahama Marriott Hotel – a 182-room beach resort with gardens, an outdoor pool and its own on-site hot springs.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned Mount Fuji property – the Fuji Marriott Hotel Lake Yamanaka – is geared more towards visitors looking to explore the shrines and natural attractions close to the mountain. The smallest of the five new properties, this hotel will have just 105 guestrooms, though it too has on-site hot springs.

The Izu Peninsula resort, on the other hand, will offer 128 rooms in total. Located in the hot spring resort town of Shuzenzi, the Izu Marriott Hotel Shuzenzi will feature a number of health and wellness facilities, including a stone sauna, spa and a fitness centre. Golf courses, tennis courts and – you guessed it – hot springs are located nearby.

Finally, the largest of the five new hotels is the 274-room Lake Biwa Marriott Hotel, located outside of Kyoto. Lake Biwa is the country’s largest lake and the new property is situated on its banks. Along with traditional and modern architecture lining the streets, guests can explore the hotel’s own facilities, which include a restaurant offering local cuisine, a grand ballroom and a private chapel. If that doesn’t do it for you, though, there’s always the hot springs.

“In an era of discovery and adventure, these resorts speak to the new generation of travellers looking for a unique experience,” said Marriott Hotels’ vice president, Matthew Carroll. “We encourage our guests to relax and rejuvenate by providing aesthetically pleasing spaces that help them make the most out of their visit.”

Marriott currently has 19 properties either open or in development in Japan.