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Turkish Airlines opens arrivals lounge at Ataturk Airport

Published: 12/09/2013 - Filed under: News »

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Turkish Airlines has officially opened its new Istanbul Arrival Lounge at Ataturk Airport.

The lounge measures 250 sqm and contains 38 seats, showers and changing rooms.

Designed to welcome passengers from morning arrivals who are too early to check into their hotels, it is open daily from 0500 to 1300, but stops welcoming guests at 1230.

Dignitaries open the lounge last week

Above: Dignitaries open the lounge last week

Beds in the lounge

Facilities also include staff to iron clothes, food, newspapers and magazines, wifi and "media walls".

Only Business Class passengers, and Economy or Comfort Class passengers with Elite Plus membership, will be able to use the lounge on arrival in Istanbul following international flights.

Star Gold members and other Miles & Smiles members — excluding Elite Plus members — will not be eligible to use the lounge.

Eligible passengers are not permitted to bring guests.

Graham Smith

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