Five passengers everyone wants to avoid

8 Oct 2014 by Clement Huang

Baggage-carousel dodgers

WHY WE HATE IT We’ve lost count of the number of times that we’ve opened an overhead compartment only to discover that the fella next to us has jammed his 40kg luggage into it, leaving no space for our modest laptop bags. The worst are those half-opened golf bags, threatening to give you a face full of golf balls!

Even with Airbus’ promise of 60 per cent increased capacity for carry on luggage that will come with its new pivoting overhead stowage option on the A320 (pictured here) we’re not convinced this will be enough to stem the tide of those with oversized carry on luggage.


Security dawdlers

WHY WE HATE IT It’s bad enough that more and more airports require travellers to take off their footwear, thereby ensuring a perpetual odour of Eau de Foot while lining up at security. Is it really that unreasonable that we simply wish to get through the checks as quickly as possible?

You can therefore understand our frustration when we see those standing in front of us taking their sweet time to search their bags for liquids (that really should have been disposed of or consumed before entering security) or leaving it to the last minute to remove their coats. Breathing through the mouth can only go so far, you know!


Armrest hoggers

WHY WE HATE IT Talk about an invasion of personal space! There comes a time when we all have to travel in coach and, when that happens, every inch of space is precious. So if our neighbour actually has the audacity to use our armrest, it’s something akin to trespassing on private property!

This happened to me just a few weeks ago, and boy was I peeved. So here is my hot top: I ‘accidentally-on-purpose’ used my elbow to whack the guy’s arm away from my armrest. We were never going to be best friends from then on, but at least he got the message and I had full use of my armrest for the remainder of the flight!


People who crack open the shades  

WHY WE HATE IT As fellow travellers, I’m sure you’ll agree that sleeping on a plane is not necessarily the easiest thing to do. So if we do manage to nod off, we want to make every minute count.

However, having a sudden ray of extremely bright sunlight wash over us is not exactly conducive to sleeping, nor is the most pleasant way of waking up. There is a reason why many aircraft now have external cameras that allow passengers to check the conditions outside via the IFE screen. Keep the shades closed people!


People who choose to go to the washroom during meal service

WHY WE HATE IT Now this is a biggie. We understand that the call of nature is a powerful thing and certainly, holding in a full bladder is unhealthy to say the least. But, it becomes extremely annoying when the person sitting next to us suddenly decides they have to relieve themselves during a meal service.

Getting out of our seat then becomes a gymnastic undertaking of Herculean proportions, as we’re forced to unbuckle out seat belt and carefully balance our meal tray with one hand, while using the other to lock the meal table in place, before finally getting out of the seat to allow the person to pass. Even in words – that’s a mouthful, isn’t it?

Clement Huang

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