BA adds fish and chips to inflight menu

British Airways will this week serve traditional fish and chips on some short-haul flights.

Passengers on services between Heathrow and Athens, Larnaca, Istanbul, Sofia, St Petersburg and Kiev will be the first to taste the latest addition to the airline’s menu.

If it proves popular, fish and chips will be extended onto more BA short-haul routes.

BA fish and chips

The meal is served in an environmentally friendly box and will come with vinegar, ketchup and tartare sauce.

Sinead Ferguson, BA’s menu development manager, said: “What better meal to see onboard a summer flight than the traditional British fish supper? We know our customers love comfort food and expect it to be done well when they fly with us.

“Naturally, we went for sustainable cod and we’ve worked hard with Green Gourmet to make the perfect chip, which in the past has been a challenge to produce at 35,000 feet.

“We think our secret recipe delivers just the right crunch and hopefully our customers will agree. If so, we plan to roll out the fish supper on our longest short-haul flights this summer.”

BA’s catering team developed the meal alongside food innovation specialists Green Gourmet.

Graham Smith

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  • Sounds like a great idea, very British, but my only concern would be if they really can ensure crisp fish and even more important, crisp, non-soggy chips. This I think will be the real test of their creativity!

  • What a crazy idea that will not work for the following reasons

    1. The Fish and Chips will taste awful after being re-heated in the aircraft after waiting a few hours chilled after coming out of the factory
    2. It will stink the cabin out
    3. Passengers greasy fingers will make the seats dirty

  • Well said AndyStock – What are they playing at.. Good way to get grease all over those lovely new planes, they are tatty and dirty enough already, and what a welcome to a turnaround flight, the smell on the return flight.

  • For sure it will smell through the whole aircraft, what worse than a fishy smell, it will take much to clean it out, especially if dropped anywhere.
    I certainly would not want to be sitting on a plane stinking of fish!
    Clearly there is a reason why no one has done this before, and as mentioned many different English fayre to present.
    Unless there is a chef and it is cooked in the oven, it will not present well.
    Currently mainly the Gulf Airlines could really do this, and on Long haul.

  • Why are BA trying “new things” when they should be getting the food they serve now on long and shorthaul palitable. Again they are resting on their laurels instead of providing meals that other airlines can do. Also it can’t be that hard to get a decent cup of tea or coffee. Can anyone name an airline that provides this?

  • I agree with all those who think this is a silly idea. The smell, the grease – this really would put me off flying with BA.

  • Well done BA!! I am not sure that it will smell out the whole aircraft? I doubt that BA have installed two industrial fryers in the galley. Just one cabin crew frying and the other shouting up the orders “two saveloy and chips to go Beryl”
    I say give it a go and I am sure our regular forum users will report back soon enough. I for one would love to try them.

  • This is a good idea imho. There is not much to be gained by just copying the competition and this is vaguely innovative.
    As it is being run as a trial it can be ditched if its a disaster without excessive cost, assuming those in charge are willing to accept it if their idea is flawed!

  • The plane doesn’t smell like an indian take-away when the Chicken Tikka Masala (the other national dish) is served so why would this be any different?

  • Bubbahs…actually yes…KLM.
    They source coffee from one area and supplier and present the drinks in recyclable cups, pressed from recycled material, that use no oils.
    They fund and support charity work in the source area.

    They still also brew coffee as passengers board the flight, a great KLM tradition, so you smell the coffee as you board! They will not be serving fish and Chips, and their Food is excellent in both classes long haul, and in Business in Europe.

  • Wow! Look at the naysayers – be nice if someone could give credit for them at least *trying* something new & different.
    I’ve not noticed the aircraft having a significantly fishy whiff from the current fish choice, so why would this be any different?
    Seriously people – get some perspective!

  • Brilliant! Can’t wait to try this on my next flight(s)

    However, its been done before by Yorkshire Airlines on their Leeds – Leeds route back in the day. For those that can remember, I think this was around 2006(ish) and they also went the whole hog on authenticity, serving the delicacy in a classy local newspaper complete with a side-order of mushy peas!

    Check out this nostalgic link to the good old days. BA have a lot to live up to.

    Dont forget your whippet!

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