Philippine-Brazilian air services agreement allows increased flights

The Philippines and Brazil have just signed an air services agreement (ASA), allowing seven flights a week between Manila and any point in Brazil as well as unlimited flights between any point outside the Philippine capital and any point in the Latin American country.

Philippine Airlines (PAL) reportedly initiated negotiations with Brazilian authorities, one of several phases of a major expansion programme (see news) embarked on since leading conglomerate San Miguel Corporation bought into the once-ailing carrier.

The deal also includes fifth-freedom rights between both countries, which permits Philippine carriers to fly to points in South America via Brazil, and Brazilian operators to reach other destinations in Asia through the Philippines.

In recent years, Brazil has won positive world attention for a robust economy that has attracted a flood of investors – a similar scenario in Russia, India and China that has earned the soubriquet BRIC for these newly developed economies. Besides seeking to boost trade between the Philippines and Brazil, the Philippine government is keen to act as a gateway for Brazilians to the region as well as encourage them to explore more of the local islands. A visa-free arrangement exists between both countries.

Currently, only a few Asian operators fly to Sao Paulo – Singapore Airlines via Barcelona, Air China via Madrid, Korean Air via Los Angeles, Japan Airlines via New York and via Dallas and ANA via Frankfurt and Munich.

Margie T Logarta

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  • 1. Sao Paulo, is NOT the Brazilian capital
    2. Varig is defuct
    3. TAM is flying to which city in Asia many years?

    I think PAL would be better of to start service back to Europe than start with a destination like Brazil from Manila.

  • Thank you wisi1965 for pointing out the inaccuracies and have made the necessary amendments. Our identifying Sao Paulo as Brazil’s capital, instead of Brasilia, is probably due to World Cup fever, and this is what led to the slip.

  • wisi1965, I understand your comment about Europe v Brazil for PR (PAL) but this airline may be able to sell seats for trips between Los Angeles and Sao Paulo, so if it can do this it would help to ensure the viability of the route.

    The ‘Catholic connection’ between Portugese-speaking Bazillians and partly Spanish heritage Filipinos combined with Philippines’ amazingly beautiful and often uncrwoded (apart from Boracay) beaches may be a successful lure. Let’s not foregt that Philippines is growing at a very respectable six per cent plus economically per annum; given question marks over mainland China’s statistics, Philippines may now be the fastest growing nation in Asia. Anyone who hasn’t been recently go – you’ll be surprised at the rapidly growing number of skyscrapers in Metro Manila which combined with the friendliest people in Asia and perhaps the world is an intoxicating mix for visitors, although to see the white sand beaches of the Visayas and some safer parts of Mindanao should be on the bucket list.

    PR is now quite a good airline. It’s B777-300ERs are excellent.

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