British Airways confirms B787 and A380 layouts

British Airways today (December 11) confirmed the layout of its B787 and A380 aircraft which it will take delivery of next year.

Speaking to the media in Seoul, Korea, Willie Walsh, the CEO of IAG, BA’s parent company gave the following details:

B787 Dreamliner

  • The British Airways Dreamliner will have a total of 214 passengers.
  • In Club World (business) there will be 35 seats in the new Club World triple configuration of 2:3:2
  • In World Traveller Plus (premium economy) there will be 25 seats in a layout of 2:3:2
  • In World Traveller (economy) there will be  154 seats with a 3:3:3 configuration.

The B787s will not have First.

BA has ordered a total of 24 Dreamliners. Walsh says that the exact seating plans of another 16 787-9s on order which will come in from 2015 have yet to be finalised, they could have three or four-cabin configurations.

Walsh says that the smaller B787-8 aircraft were primarily designed to replace the B767s.

On the lack of First, Walsh says that BA didn’t see a First demand on all BA’s route network.

Walsh says that he sees the B787-8 aircraft as “…a good one for developing new routes where there isn’t such a strong demand and then we can replace it once demand has been built up and then perhaps replace it with a larger plane, either a B787-9 or a B777”.

A380 (Superjumbo)

BA has ordered 12 A380s.

Main deck

  • On the British Airways A380 there will be 14 seats in First on the main deck, with “extra personal and stowage space”.
  • The  Club World cabin will feature 44 seats in a 2:4:2 configuration.
  • There will be 199 seats in World Traveller, with a 3:4:3 layout.

Upper Deck

The A380 upper deck will feature:

  • Club World: 53 seats in the new Club World (business class) triple configuration of 2:3:2
  • World Traveller Plus: 55 seats in a 2:3:2 premium economy (World Traveller Plus) layout
  • World Traveller: 104 seats in a 2:4:2 configuration. In total there will be 303 economy (World Traveller) seats.

The  “enhanced version of First” on the A380 seems to be that there will be more room because the A380 Main Deck is wider than the B777 and B747s. There was mention of more wardobe space, for instance.

At the press conference Mr Walsh used Business Traveller‘s “The A380: How the airlines compare” to contrast BA’s approach to the A380 and that of other airlines.

No details have yet been released regarding the first routes the B787 and A380 will fly on.

The first British Airways Dreamliner will be delivered in May 2013. A further three will arrive by the end of the year.

The first A380 will be delivered in July, with additional deliveries in August and October.  The flights will depart from Satellite C of Heathrow Terminal 5. Walsh said that although there is room for lounges on C, at present there are no plans for adding them, so passengers with access to the lounges will presumably use the lounges in the main terminal or B.

Two additional 777-300ERs will arrive in September and October.


Tom Otley

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  • Like in the 747, BA does not take the chance to change the cramped and tight layout structure.

    7 or 8 seats in a row…ridiculous. They should have a look at competitors, like ANA. THAT is a layout!

    BA going downhill…on and on.

  • Wow! What a mess!

    I can already hear the arguments, there is only two toilets at the aft of the main deck for 199 pax, unless BA are going to allow economy to use what looks like the four toilets in the club cabin, there is also only two toilets for the 53 club seats on the upper deck!

    BA don’t seem to be taking advantage of the space on the upper deck next to the stairs where EK have their showers, not saying they need to have anything fancy like that but you could fit more than just two toilets there???

  • The rear facing CW seat in the middle of a set of 3 on 787 and upper deck 380 are going to feel very claustrophobic. I assume there will be the head height partitions on both sides.

    It will feel like being stuck in a coffin …….. So much for the feeling of increased space the design teams at Boeing and Airbus have strived for. What a disappointment.

  • I hope BA will change the existing cramped CW seats! And that 4-seater configuration should and must be abolished!!! This is the perfect opportunity to upgrade all these old seats to make its fleet more competitive and let us PAX feel less claustrophobic!

  • Its an utter shambles.. so much opportunity wasted. Same “new” suites, oversized toilets in upstairs club, yet same small ones in First below.. no creative use of the front upper space (hello EK showers!?!?)

    I can see a rush to get those new Middle Club world seats – NOT.

    It might not look it, based on these comments but i’ve only flown BA for years.. this was their big opportunity to stay ahead of the game.. utterly wasted

  • It gets worse by being the same. I can’t believe they haven’t bothered upgrading the business seats with the new aircraft. So lazy and uncompetitive.

    And I know that they’ve hired a marketing company to canvas opinion from frequent flyers about the business class cabin. Many of the replies have stated that the seats are out of date and should be replaced, and that the layout is unnecessary – see Emirates and ANA. They have by far the best layouts.

    BA seems to rely on the dominance at Heathrow, and the local business customers who are tied in to the Exec Club programme. We don’t have a choice if we want good connections and we want the miles. Perhaps now is the time to ditch airmile loyalty.

  • What a waste.

    The 787 is not some kind of super-plane. From a passenger point-of-view its a slightly better 767 so to jam seven Club seats into one row is going to deliver a very poor experience indeed. There’s a 2-3-2 layout in WTP for goodness sake, why would even try to jam the same number of seats into Club? Have you seen what QR has done – well, have you BA?

    As for the A380, it makes me want to cry. Here is an aircraft with a cabin that IS a game changer, or at least it is for an airline with an ounce of vision. Not every airline has of course – compare the LH Business layout with an EK cabin to see how not to do it. And now BA has lined up to follow the wrong example. 2+4+2 on the lower deck? Why would you do such a thing? Why??!

    Dreadful decisions by BA, and all widely greeted as such – is the company listening?

  • Why would you not take the opportunity to do something special with this massive (380) aircraft and stand out from the crowd? It is so disappointing to see that the CW cabin in particular is likely to feel like the existing tired cabin on the 744’s..? Surely with so much space they could ditch that dreadful cramped and coffin like configuration? Come on BA – let’s bring back some style and pride in flying with our national carrier!

  • I can understand from a business point of view why they have done these layouts, after all some execs may say “why change a winning formula” but the problem with this is, it allows your competition to do something new, and thereby create a USP for flying with them rather than British Airways. The designer in me (which yes I do have a degree in design and marketing) says that this will only lead to loss of money, as other airlines particularly Emirates, ANA and other potential airlines (whether they be A380 or other planes) such as Virgin Atlantic and American Airlines, they are trying something new with their airlines again to create a USP and a reason to fly with them.

    It seems like todays execs are only concerned with keeping their current customer base happy and trying to latch onto them by adding just a few inches of space whilst other airlines are doing more to capture new customers. Come on BA! You were once supposedly “The world’s favourite airline” (see the 80s campaigns) and now you are relegated on trying to draw people in by showing them your past. Yes the world does respect the past, but remember the world wants something new and exciting, after all thats the way people’s imaginations are fired. Look at Apple with the iPod, iPad and iPhone they were new things and now they dominate and everyone else is trying to play catchup. Don’t let your airline do the same, after all yes be proud to be British, but show the world that the British do it best, in the form of air travel!

  • I used to fly with BA for 39yr and take pride in an airline that set the trend for others to follow. I find it sad that the management today do not follow that trend and continue to let standards drop.

    With the the new A380 there is a chance to do some thing different but it does not seem to be happening! Pan Am, TWA. Plus others all gone, lets hope BA gets some class back on board and not go the way of the others.

  • Anybody able to hazard a guess which will be the best business & first seats, either singly or for a couple?

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