TAM unveils new first class on B777

Brazilian carrier TAM is taking delivery of four B777 aircraft featuring a new first class product designed by Priestmangoode, and a TAM Space + option for economy passengers looking for extra legroom.

Two of the aircraft have already been delivered, with a further two set to join TAM’s fleet before the end of the year, doubling the carrier’s B777 fleet to eight aircraft in total.

As can be seen from the images the four first class seats feature a smart grey colour scheme with splashes of green on the cushions and the interiors of the seat storage.

According to the carrier the new cabin “presents the idea of a living room”, with features including “a couch, individual closets, lamp, dining table, cushions, a Nespresso service, and a library with books, editions of Wallpaper guidebooks as well as general interest magazines”.

The aircraft also has new economy class seats finished in three colour schemes – green, red and blue – and has increased the number of TAM Space + seats (economy class seats offering extra legroom, known as Comfort seats on existing TAM aircraft).

All passengers will benefit from a new IFE system with features including the option to watch movies with subtitles or dubbed, a travel tips application, and e-reader capabilities.

The carrier has also redesigned its toilets to feature a floor pattern “similar to the famous Copacabana sidewalks in Rio de Janeiro”.

TAM’s B777 operate on flights between London and Sao Paulo, so passengers travelling on this route have a good chance of experiencing the new products in the coming months.

For more information visit tam.com.br.

Report by Mark Caswell

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  • What a great looking product. They have created a wonderful sense of space. I am sure the bed is comfy too.

    I do hope they decide to stay in Oneworld so I can use my Avios to try it?

  • FYI: Tam is STILL a Star Alliance member; but will migrate to OneWorld by the end of this year, or beginning of 2013; at least, this is the info that we have here in Brazil.

    Remark: Tam has been bought (they say, MERGED), by chilean Lan, who belongs to OneWorld,.

  • Sounds great!

    Is it a sign that finally, TAM would think offering a bit a better standard than the totally tacky still on offer on most of their second or third hand liners..

    Some of these planes are so old, that they recall the Old Good Days VARIG was flying.

    The A330 I was supposed to fly, was replaçed with an MD11, red painted and inside, the old VARIG interiors. An airline I avoid. poor service, high fares, fairly efficient crew, they are still flying some A330, where all seats when lying flat in C give the look of a dormitory to the cabin. Zero privacy.

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