Qantas is to operate Australia’s first commercial flight using a 50:50 mix of biofuel and conventional jet fuel next month.

The carrier will fly an A330 between Sydney and Adelaide on April 13, using biofuel derived from used cooking oil.

Commenting on the initiative, head of environment for Qantas John Valastro said that the goal was to raise awareness about the potential for sustainable aviation fuel in Australia.

“We know that sustainable aviation fuel can be used in commercial aviation just like conventional jet fuel,” said Valastro. “But until it is produced at a commercial scale, at a competitive price, the industry will not be able to realise its true benefits.

“No single player can make this happen: it needs support from government, private sector investment, access to infrastructure and market demand.”

Flight QF1121 will depart Sydney at 1020, arriving in Adelaide at 1205, with the return flight QF1120 departing Adelaide at 1335, landing in Sydney at 1600.

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