BA drops Anytime Access for Gold cardholders

From next month Gold tier members of BA’s Executive Club will no longer be able to use British Airways lounges when travelling with non-codeshare or Oneworld partner airlines.

BA introduced the Anytime Access privilege in the late 1990s, allowing premium members of its loyalty scheme to use its lounges even when flying with another airline (so long as that airline operates from the same terminal).

But this benefit is being withdrawn on June 17, meaning members will only be able to use BA lounges when travelling on BA operated flights, or those operated under codeshare or Oneworld partnerships.

In an email sent to all Gold cardholders BA said:

“We know how important our lounges are to our Gold Executive Club members, and we want to ensure that they continue to be a place to work or relax away from the busy airport environment for customers who are flying with us and our Oneworld partners.”

While the move won’t affect members departing from Heathrow T5 (as BA is the only carrier using the terminal), it will limit lounge access for those travelling with other carriers from Heathrow T3 (from where BA operates certain routes), Gatwick airport, and from departure points worldwide.

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  • A clear loss of a very valuable service to their most loyal customers. And short notice and poor communication are not helping these customers to digest the news…

  • as someone who has only just qualified for BA Gold, at some not inconsiderable (personal) expense, I feel totally cheated. The facility is one I probably wouldn’t have used that much, but to remove this perk without warning is not a fair way to treat a high-revenue loyal passenger. I will stick with Silver next year and not make the effort to go for gold.

  • Qantas did the same thing earlier this year. Perhaps it’s part of a standardisation across OneWorld?

  • Read this here for the first time …. I have not received direct from the airline. Though having only had a gold card for a mere 14 years, perhaps I am not considered important enough.

    Cost of providing this benefit to gold card holders must be negligible. The goodwill this buys from gold card holders is considerable …… And another differentiator between gold and silver tier removed.

  • I am not sure how BA can come out with such a decision with such a short notice. I am becoming gold member for the 5th consecutive year in June, and they let me know now???! This was one of the real differentiators of BA gold membership, especially for someone flying from Geneva every week with multiple airlines, and cancelling this benefit is not really making the airlines a favour….

    They can say whatever they want (also that “based on feedback we have received from Executive Club members”…. come on, BA, find another excuse, please!) but for sure, from my side, they have lost a member in 2012. This is the cherry on the cake, BA, you are really gone now, and all your membership stuff is just a joke. Whoever paid with own money to get to gold membership, I am sure will agree with me…

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