LOT given amended 787 delivery date

LOT Polish has received notification from Boeing that its first Dreamliner aircraft will be delivered in April next year.

The carrier says that it is has been “officially notified” of the new date by Boeing, which will see its first 787 aircraft delivered in April 2012, followed by four further Dreamliners set to be delivered between August and November next year.

LOT says that “In the light of this information, and of the current contracts for Boeing 767 aircraft, LOT Polish Airlines are preparing a seamless fleet replacement programme for long distance flights, while at the same time carrying out its plans to expand its connection network to Asia and continue flights to North America”.

The Dreamliner’s launch has been subject to several delays, the latest being caused by an in-flight fire during testing last year (see online news January 18). Japanese airline ANA is the launch customer for the aircraft, although as yet no firm date has been set for the first delivery.

For more information visit lot.com, boeing.com.

Report by Mark Caswell

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  • Update: Air Canada has also released new advise on its 787 deliveries, as follows.


    Boeing has notified Air Canada that the first five deliveries of its Boeing 787 aircraft, previously scheduled to be delivered in the second half of 2013, are now targeted for delivery during Q4, 2013 and the first half of 2014. This represents an average delay of between five and seven months from the previous schedule.

    Boeing has indicated that they continue to evaluate the schedule for deliveries of Air Canada’s remaining 32 firm orders for Boeing 787 aircraft and would provide Air Canada with an update when available.

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