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  • Good morning all.

    I’m 2 legs into a Star RTW trip and was wondering why miles hadnt been credited to my account 5 days after flying; LH/M&M is normally pretty rapid. I checked in for my flight tonight and handed over my M&M card to make sure the number was in the booking, I was advised it was and made my way to the gate.

    A quick glance at my boarding card showed a M&M number which wasnt mine – it’s not even close. It would appear that the check-in staff didnt check very thoroughly that the number in the booking and the number on the card were the same. Either way, it explains why the miles hadnt credited from the first 2 legs.

    Given that Im about to board a 15hr flight (MEX-NRT) and ive already flown LHR-FRA-MEX, id really like those miles to be credited to my account.

    Despite 15 years of flying, this is the first time this has occured to me. Am I likely to be able to successfully claim the missing miles retrospectively? Has anyone any experience of this kind of problem when using Star/LH M&M?

    I normally book all my travel myself, the one time I use an agent and this happens. Im kicking myself!

    Any comments would be helpful.

    Many thanks.


    I can’t imagine it will be too difficult to speak with M&M on the phone or email them, let them know what’s happened and wait for them to resolve.

    Not sure why you need the points so rapidly but suspect you’ll have to wait a little while why the match everything up.

    If the agent simply entered your FF number incorrectly, and you only have one FF number, then unless I’m being overly optimistic, I’d like to think M&M will be able to rectify.

    There are forum posters with more M&M experience than I who might be able to help further.


    I am mystified as to how this can happen.

    The FF number is checked against the name at time of entry. In some systems, it will be rejected immediately, depending on whether that airline stores its FF database in the same system. If not, it is queued to the airline after the transaction is ended, and the airline’s system will check it and immediately queue a reject message back to the originating entity. Ticketing will be inhibited.

    The only other plausible explanation is that the FF number has changed due to a status level change and the new number is not referenced to the previous one.

    Although highly unlikely, it is possible that the FF number belongs to someone with the same name as you and they are getting your miles! There are other checks in most systems to prevent this happening but as I don’t know what system your booking was made through, cannot comment further on that.

    Please advise, in due course, as it would be interesting to know what has gone wrong, and anyway a quick call should ensure restitution of your miles.


    Happened to me twice with M&M. Booked a ticket for my son and forgot to change the FF number from the pre-populated fields. I got the miles 2 days later.
    Then a while later having booked his ticket first then booking mine, I did not change his FF number.

    In both cases I explained the error to M&M and they rectified the matter and all was sorted in less than a week.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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