Who still looks forward to air travel?

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    Just wondered.

    I’m off to Xi’an, China in three weeks. I rather like Xi’an, or at any rate, much prefer it to Beijing.

    It occurred to me that I was rather looking forward to the journey (London to Xi’an, via Helsinki, with Finnair. Finnair seems to have cornered a lot of interesting destinations in the Far East).

    Comfort, a chance to relax, do some thinking, a decent dinner. Does that make me an exception, or do others actually look forward to long-haul travel?


    I used to but not any more unless it’s a new and exciting destination for me.
    For the past 2 years I have been crosing the Atlantic every 2-3 weeks and then criss crossing North America from cost to coast.



    Not really that glamorous any more. Stuck for hours in a metal tube, get to airport (in Africa they are always miles from anywhere), check in, lounge, collect bags etc.

    Means of getting from A to B in varying degrees of comfort, no more, no less.


    Pretty much all of my long hauls these days are with my wife and involve an element of “treat”, are to a destination we have never visited together, and usually in F, so,yes, I certainly do look forward to them.


    “To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive.”



    Still consider it a privilege every time I board an aircraft…. so my answer to the question is… YES I still do…..


    My wife is frequently with me, too, so agree with this. It’s normally J for us, though, not F.


    Still love it – I get a sad feeling when I turn on my phone and have no up and coming itinerary to look at…


    I still get excited every time I get on an aeroplane, even for a short haul flight in Y… And while not a super frequent flyer I have flown a fair bit. Generally do LH in J and love having some down-time in a comfy seat-cum-bed with no internet connection (why oh why oh why is there this drive to install wifi on aeroplanes??) where all you can do is read, eat, sleep, listen to music, have a drink or two, maybe watch a film – it’s bliss!

    Indeed, for leisure travel I often look forward to the flights as much as holiday itself, a prime example being our trip to Thailand in November, when I shall be sampling Qatar J for the first time from AMS to BKK via DOH – 787 on the AMS-DOH legs and A380 on the DOH-BKK legs. First time in the big bus too. It’s still three months away but just writing about makes me almost wet myself I am that excited… Am I possibly a wee bit sad??


    I love flying, even if I’m a nervous passenger. I love to travel as well by whatever means, car, bus, train, boat or plane (well maybe not bus) and enjoy staying at hotels and using the facilities.

    For me a definite YES!


    I still enjoy flying. Its not the same trill as in years gone by. There was an interesting thread about this a couple of weeks ago.
    I do however consider myself very priviledged over the last ten years to have had access to various airport lounges. Not sure if I would be so content if I had to wait in the main departure lounges, I think the excitement would be very short lived.

    As for the flight, what is the alternative ? I dread travelling by train within the UK so even domestic flights are enjoyable. Maybe I am just a sad of git who still enjoys travelling.


    Still love to travel. Like peter19 says, its depressing when there are no upcoming flights on the phone.
    I fly business a lot, but still enjoy it, then, when not working, take more flights for fun.
    Taking the wife to Nairobi then on to Tanzania in Jan with BA in F. Did the same thing last year and loved it. Can’t wait!


    Still enjoy travel, more so to new destinations where there is the element of something new. Last trip I travelled to Shanghai airport on the Maglev link which reached speed of 431km/hr, made surface transport in Uk seem so slow by comparison.

    I do enjoy all sorts of travel, not just air, but in terms of time/distance air takes some beating.


    I love flying and do a lot of it. But I enjoy travelling by all modes, although I actually prefer not to travel by car, you see far more from a bus, coach or train and of course flying unless it’s cloudy!

    So the answer is a big yes!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)
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