Which airlines offer unlimited AirPasses?

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    I saw this article about a 2-week unlimited air pass with Wideroe in Norway this summer. The prices are extremely attractive as well.

    Get Two Weeks of Unlimited Flying Within Norway This Summer

    This reminds me of my experience with an unlimited air pass in Canada with Canadian Airlines in 1987. For what I remember was about £99, I had unlimited standby travel for a week or so. I still remember the itinerary I took which included some of the best flight experiences I ever had.

    Toronto to Vancouver (stopping at Thunder Bay, Brandon, Calgary, Kelowna)
    Vancouver to Victoria return (twice)
    Vancouver to Calgary (stopping at Kelowna and some other place I’ve forgotten)
    Calgary to Toronto (stopping at Saskatoon and Winnipeg)

    In general, air passes are rare so I wondered if others could put a link to other airlines that offer unlimited air passes. I am not interested in fixed number segment passes.


    Not quite the same but kind of…if you fly enough on Southwest in a year, you get a companion pass for someone to travel free with you for a year or longer, on any trip, even FF redemptions



    Sometimes these Airpasses can be limited to non-residents. So travellers based in Asia may find Airpasses in Europe which are unavailable to travellers based here.

    But there are two Asian Airpasses which may meet your needs. They’re unavailable to travellers based in Asean.

    One is marketed by Air Asia. It appears to be unlimited but ancillary fees would be at extra cost.


    Another is offered by MAB (Malayasia Airlines). But it appears to be based around coupons.



    I used a Canadian Airlines pass too, in the mid-90’s, on the same basis; unlimited standby, using Vancouver as our main hub. We flew almost every day for 2-3 weeks, always managing to get on our chosen flights even if we were the last to board, able to get more vouchers if we ran out. And at that time there was a discount hotel booking service at YVR airport that was obliged by the government to offer the lowest prices, so we’d turn up at night just as the hotels were reporting spare capacity and end up staying in 5* hotels for peanuts.

    Times have changed; our flights between YVR and Haida Gwaii last year cost more than the average UK-YVR return flight. The airpass was a great introduction to Canada for us and we’ve been back many times since, so these kind of deals do promote tourism while only using spare capacity on flights. Maybe they’re not as feasible these days due to higher passenger taxes and increased security?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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