What to expect in BA long haul Y… 1st time since 1996

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    Well I guess that it was bound to happen……..

    I have not flown a >5 hour flight in Y (or even Y+) since 1996 but next week I will be going trans atlantic with BA in Y.

    Assuming I don’t get upgraded [since I am BAEC gold, and noting also that the flight I am on has absolutely no availability in WT+, J or F] I am wondering what to expect.

    I managed to get a seat in the front row of Y on the right side of the pane so expect to have some leg room in any case.

    Also if for some reason I get upgraded to WT+, should I take it even if it were in the middle of a 4 across middle section?

    Thanks exP


    Haven’t flown Y TATL for a long time, but from my observation of the Y cabin from day flights in WT+

    – standard Y service, on a par with other airlines TATL
    – tight seat pitch (well done for grabbing an exit)
    – poor second ‘meal’ service – the same in WT+ (I’d take some nutrigrain bars or similar, to keep you going)

    Should you take WT+ – the seat is wider and the pitch is 38″ (I’m 5’9″, so it is good for me, may not be for you.) You would get a Club main meal, but economy service and second meal.

    Personally, I’d jump at an upgrade, but YMMV.

    Also, the new Y/WT+ seats are superior to the old ones.


    – Eat a good meal at the airport, and avoid on-board meals. I’ve heard from someone in the industry that Y meals are coated with an additives layer that makes you feel full (I don’t know how true this is, and which airline caterers do this…).

    – Storage at the seat is very limited, and quite cumbersome, so carry an iPad and load it up with books/newspapers/documents rather than carrying all these things separately.

    – If you want to get a bit of sleep, get a really good eye mask, ear plugs and a travel pillow. E.g.,

    (I fly mostly Y)


    Based on my experience, if I have a bulkhead economy seat on BA, I’d take that over a non-bulkhead in WTP. My wife and I took a rewards flight from JFK to LHR at the start of our honeymoon, (I’m also gold card) so I paid for upgrade to WT+ hoping for a further upgrade to Club based on ‘just married’ sympathy ;).

    Upgrade to club didn’t happen, but that’s the way it goes – no drama…overall, I really would have preferred to be in a bulkhead in economy rather than the seat that I had – if only for the short hop from JFK to LHR.

    However, if its a new aircraft, with new WTP seat, I’d definiltey have preferred WTP.

    Have a nice journey and good luck.


    The only tip I can give for travelling in Y, is be the last to board and hope to find a free row…

    Look forward to your trip trip report – enjoy 🙂


    Just remember you are travelling ECONOMY and NOT Club. You will have the added benefit to access the lounge. If you fly on a 747 you will definitely get old WT & WTP. Which route are you on?


    As Martyn suggested, if you board last (or go through final check as late as possible with no one behind in the queue), ask if they can show the latest seating allocations (you’ll get a good idea at online check in as well). Ask if they have a free row – and if they do ask them to scribble on your boarding pass the new seat number. Worked for me when I went to Mauritius on BA – got 3 seats to myself and slept most of the way. I call it Business Economy!


    Route is LGW to Bermuda. 4class 777. Given that all premium cabins are showing 100% full I expect the whole plane to be full also.


    If travelling out on the 21st or 22nd look like one Avios seat is available for redemption if you can upgrade your ticket if booked in H Class or above.

    Flights earlier in the week are all selling all classes of travel (Mon to Fri). If travelling on the Sunday then yep – looks full in Premium and above for whatever reason! But there are 9 seats left to be allocated (non status?) on WTP – 1 window – 1 aisle – rest are middle seats and 5 in Club as well (also all middle seats).

    Hope that helps


    SwissExPat you might be OK however I can’t say for sure as long haul exLGW is something I have never done with BA. Also it may be worth reading reviews from TominScotland as he has traveled in BA WTP recently so it will give you an idea


    Q. What to expect in BA long haul Y… 1st time since 1996
    A. Less than 1996.

    I have not flown BA Y in an even longer period but if the degrading of product in premium cabins is any guide ………

    Enjoy Bermuda


    In any Western and Gulf airline Y-class is just like a bus ride:
    uncomfortable, tight, and the food served is between lousy and indedible. so just eat well before, have a drink and a tranquilizer and then keep quite for a few hours.
    But the ever falling fares in Y since 35 years (in real money terms) dont allow airlines to do better.


    I did try to upgrade via avios on the BAEC site but the system said I could not be upgraded (maybe because my starting point is Switzerland)

    Yes, I am travelling on Sunday 17th.

    I am actually quite interested to see what it is like and at least having an exit row seat and it being a day flight……. how intolerable could it be??


    You will not be able to upgrade from economy on MMB unless you booked a fare other than the cheapest. Sometimes BA offer upgrades for a fixed fee eg £170. It’s worth logging into your booking to see if they have an offer available. Otherwise you will have to hope Y is oversold and BA need to bump a few up to WT+. As you are BAEC Gold you should be at the front of the queue for upgrades.

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