What is the WORST airline food you ever had?

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    Although it is only an hour and a half flight from Manila to HongKong I really don’t understand why CX insists on serving sandwiches instead of hot rice meals. for the whole month of January (2010) they served economy class passengers with this disgusting sandwich – Sweet Corn Spinach and Blue Cheese sandwich, the smell is awful it looked awful and worst it taste awful. CX didn’t even consider lactose intolerant passengers or those aged passengers who are wearing dentures.


    My worst onboard food was Emirates from Chennai to Dubai – even the crew couldn’t tell me what the slop on the plate was – and this was EK’s “celebrated” First Class. I sent it back and opted for nuts and a glass of wine instead – on a morning flight, no less!
    Likewise, on BA from JNB to LHR in First, they had a prawn curry you could have slopped up with a straw. Vile. Spot the prawns, too.
    I wish more airlines in the West would serve Asian rice dishes – they travel well, are tasty and easy to digest. Shame CX is moving away from them in the region…


    Most amusing meal was on the old Aeroflot stopping bus from Moscow to Singapore in the late 1980s. Have already stopped in Tashkent and Delhi, arrived in Bangkok and for the next two legs, BKK – KUL and KUL to SIN, the only catering was a big bag of bananas, grumpily served to all passengers. Probably purchased from the boat market in Bangkok that morning so at least they were fresh.

    Agree fully about Asian food on flights. I came back yesterday to LHR in SQ Economy and ate a fabulous and very spicy fish curry, restaurant quality.


    I am a big fan of soup on board; it is efficient to store, hydrating, easy to prepare on board, tasty and doesn’t clog you up on arrival.

    My worst ever meal was an interdeterminate something, triangular shaped, served on a short Gulf Air hop between Doha and Dubai. It was served thermonuclear hot, stank (I was sleeping so didn’t have time to decline it). Despite the warning signs, I was so hungry I partook a nibble; tasted of old socks and burned my tongue.



    You guys must be interested to check out what Jetstar Asia (3K) has to offer onboard its flight http://www.airplanefood.net/images/airline-meals/jetstar-airways/jq1.jpg.php
    Just after reading the caption; I couldn’t thank God enough I had to cancelled my flight with Jetstar last year.


    Without a doubt Aerolineas Argentinas in business from EZE to GIG. My wife opted for the steak and I had the pasta, both were absolutely disgusting and totally inedible.


    China Southern, many moons ago HKG to Shantou the snack was a bag of little gummy balls proudly declared as made from donkey hide – I think I have the correct quadruped. BA scrambled egg must come close second.


    maybe not the worst food but possibly the most boring – on a flight from AMS to PHL with US Airways, ordered the “light option” of pasta and green salad. It was exactly what it said on the tin …….. Penne pasta, dry with no sauce and 3 romaine lettuce leaves! I think even the maggot from jetstair Asia would have died of boredom!


    Most of the food I have been served in economy on United and Continental has not only been nasty, but sadly, so has the ‘service’ that went alongside.


    It has to be on Continental. In fact, BT should open a forum on what is the WORST Continental airlines food you ever had. I have to suffer this in BOG to IAH every three months and it really sucks, but is not only in that route, BOG to EWR and return flight is also a sure bet on awful food. Many supermarket cafeterias do far better fare, serioulsy these guys CEO should take these flights to realize the crap they serve in there. And I am talking both in business class and economy, having flight at both several times a year for several years.


    Whilst it has been many years since I travelled Continental, it is good to see somethings don’t change!!

    My experience of Continental domestic food was on one flight a turkey salad roll which was one slice of turkey and an inch thick of lettuce in a dry roll. On the other flight it was a bag of carrots!


    Don’t completely knock Continental. I have had on of the best meals through them in economy!!. However the worst had to be Air France on a early morning trip to CDG, which consisted a chilled and stale croissant.


    Myspirow, nothing wrong with a bit of protein! Maggot spread sarnies on LCC’s could be the next thing to come?

    I hardly eat airline food on short haul and only take breakfast when I wake up on long haul. I really hate eating at midnight, so will have a light meal in the lounge before departure.

    I guess my worst meal though was on KLM which was a sandwich on a two hour fight that looked three days old.

    Most boring was a sodium free meal I ordered out of curiosity travelling Milan – Lisbon in business on TAP, and consisted of a sliced tomato interleved with mozzarella, and that was it. No main, no desert, no bread roll, nothing. Fortunately they had a regular meal to spare!


    worst food: on indian airline fm calcutta to bangalore on indian airline (ic). it was indian chicken curry, don’t know which part of chicken the meat came from. it was so mushed up. secomd worst food on sq — really!! fm jnb to sin, it was fish with black bean sauce but it was really boiled fish with something like black bean sauce on top. yuck!! i was surprised that sq would serve something like this.

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