What is decent delay compensation?

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    I was delayed by over six hours on a recent flight to New Orleans via Houston from Heathrow [due to a baggage lorry putting a dent in the aircraft skin]. I was on a business first ticket so when we arrived at Houston & my connecting flights to NO had all long gone they put me up there & I continued my journey the following morning. They have sent me a voucher that only lasts one year to the value of $300.

    Firstly is that good enough in your opinion?

    And secondly as that is not very useful to me [ I may well not need to fly on CO in the next year!], what should I ask for instead?

    A voucher that lasts longer or one that I can use on any Star alliance airline?


    Did not want to sound rude, but I guess you’re lucky to get anything. This delay is obviously “an act of God”. It’s really one that cannot be controlled by any airline or anyone. Put it this way, it could have saved your life, as the delay might have prevented some other event that could have been life threatening. I think you should be happy to think you got there – Relax, I believe whatever will be will be, unless of course, it’s some incompetence on the airline’s part or policies, etc… Obviously life is to be enjoyed, and it matters we all live another day to savour the best..


    Cashsuds – I couldn’t agree more. And well put too.

    I think RB asks a fair question, and its one often asked on this forum. But I’m glad you’ve reminded us about the humanity of flying and travel. As you say, the important thing is to relax and take a ‘what will be will be’ perspective.

    RB – I hope you had a nice evening in Houston.


    Yes I agree with both your comments really – I was not annoyed with them as clearly we had to be safe & also it was just an accident not their policy or lack of organisation that caused it. They handled it reasonably well also.

    But its more the limited utility of the voucher that is my issue. They would have given airmiles for CO one-pass members but could or would not do that for other frequent flyer members for some reason.

    It was late when we arrived so I had room service with a glass of wine & went to bed, so it was a fine evening in Houston, thank you!



    Among EU airlines, the vouchers tend to have a 50% cash value. This not the case with the CO voucher? Perhaps a relative or friend is heading to the States in the near future and could be used this way, or perhaps it can be booked on codeshare flights operated by VS or UA? C


    I think $300 vouchers plus an overnight stay is reasonable compensation; if transferable you might be able to sell the voucher on eBay, or give it to a relative.

    You could always join the FF scheme of the carrier and ask for compensation to be credited there if that would suit you better. However, you risk ending up with an “orphan” miles account.

    While the airline quite rightly has a responsibility to minimise your inconvenience, we all know things go wrong from time to time and it seems you have a sensible perspective on that, RB.

    I also think the individual has a responsibility to ensure hassle from delays is minimised.

    I have excellent Travel Insurance, both through the company and personally, and have often been able to turn what at first has been a serious inconvenient delay into a retail and foody bonanza courtesy of my Insurance Policy with American Express.


    I am surprised that only four people commented so far, seeing as delays are quite frequent, although not all are as bad as 6 or 7 hours…

    Any similar experiences or other thoughts out there?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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