What irritates you about other passengers?

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  • SenatorGold

    On wide bodied aircraft (eg Malaysian and Qantas business class) passengers seeking to move from one aisle to the other inflight who think they are entitled to walk through the space immediately in front of other seated passengers who (as has happened to me) might be having a meal at the time and then become indignant when confronted.


    People who unfasten their seatbelts, stand up and get their bags whilst the plane is still taxiing.


    Passengers who bully the crew to get services they have not paid for or entitled too.


    1. The knee/leg encroaching into your space that constantly twitches
    2. Those who have left any common sense at airport entrance
    3. The security queue (as mentioned earlier)
    4. Disrespect towards cabin crew

    And, for the benefit of those who have experienced charter flights:

    1, 2 and 3 above plus

    4. Pushing/shoving at baggage reclaim
    5. Using my seat back to lever themselves up, usually with a handful of my hair!
    6. Thomsons decision to sell chips on board
    7. Returning passengers dress – I know you may be changing nearer the UK but not everyone wants to view all your chest hair!


    oversized hand baggage that the owner can’t manage to put in the locker (check it in, I am not helping you with it)

    and many of the other things mentioned above (I have also had the upper deck of a 747 to ourselves, 3 of us travelling after the Queen’s jubilee in 2002 on a flight to Singapore, great service)

    I am guilty of the rush to passport control (or more accurately the taxi queue)


    MrMichael – butter, place on top of the main meal whilst you eat the tiny starter salad, by the time you start the main course, your butter will be sufficiently soft to spread on the bread roll


    I agree with many of what has been said above, luggage, BO, talking at night etc but increasingly I find the general level of rudeness in society to be amplified during aircraft travel. We seem now to have a society that has forgotten consideration for their fellow man.


    Everything already said said by MARTYN SINCLAIR…..Plus.

    1 – People marching through airports staring at their phone screen instead of watching where they are going.

    2 – People who stop very suddenly or suddenly change direction in a crowded airport without first checking over their shoulder – god forbid they drive their cars like that.

    3 – Particularly in BA CW – those people who slam the footrest up & down using their feet because they are too bloody lazy to move it quietly – It’s my head on the other side of it you morons.

    4 – Anyone being rude to cabin crew – just no need.

    5 – People who wear large rucksacks on their backs who then forget that they are now considerably larger than they were and, as a consequence, end up bashng me across the head or shoulders with their backpack.

    6 – People who try to engage me in a conversation (other than to say hello) – I might be a miseable old git but, I am not interested where you are going or why you are going there and, I don’t want to have to go through the usual drivel of “yes, I fly regular” – “Yes, I fly every week” – “yes, it’s all for business” – followed by the usual “who do you work for?” – “what do you do?” etc – – – – Please just leave me in peace….the fact I’m wearing headphones must surely give you a clue.

    7 – People being loud on mobile phones – drives me mad…

    8 – People who talk through the safety demonstration – rude & stupid.

    9 – People who don’t turn their phones off when asked to do so – example…as we were taxiing to the runway at LBA this morning, the person seated behind me actually answered his ringing phone & started a conversation in (what I assumed to be) Arabic…..

    10 – People who are in line for security for 15 minutes or more but who wait until they arrive right at the X-ray before finally deciding to remove their jacket, and belt, and shoes, and coat, and laptop and tablet and phone and (10 mins later), their liquids….

    11 – People on overnight flights who do not wish to sleep (which, in itself, is fine) but who have zero consideration for those of us who have worked all day & are trying to sleep on the way home – conversing at full volume with their neighbour, banging glasses and overhead bins, marching up and down etc etc

    As you can see, I’m a happy & tolerant traveller 😉


    6 – People who try to engage me in a conversation (other than to say hello) –

    Yes I laughed when I read this as I too prefer not to talk because I am normally working when on a flight and yet despite the fact I am usually wearing noise cancelling earphones and have my head buried in a pile of papers that will not stop some people telling me their life story.

    For obvious reasons flights to Israel often have the ‘God Squad’ type on board and I have had on more than one occasion a Bible reading nutjob trying to convert me or in his words,

    “Bring me the good news about Jesus”

Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)
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