Virgin to join Star in a few months

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    or SkyTeam…

    It’s a great news indeed… there is a clue, just read the two news carefully. 🙂


    SQ will surely have a say?


    Looking purely at the present, where the strongest partners are all in Star, as well as equity owner SIA, the most obvious partner is clearly Star.

    However, complexities arise and could change the decision, like if AF and Co decided to buy the SIA stake, or if other Virgin airlines decided to affect the decision.

    However, this time VS sound far more serious about joining, and considering the consolidation, this is very logical.



    The obvious alliance would be Star, given Singapore’s 49% stake in Virgin Atlantic.

    However, strategically it would be more sensible for Virgin Atlantic to diminish Singapore’s influence over them and to be part of Skyteam.

    I suspect it will come down to financials for this cash-strapped airline; which alliance will offer the best deal and enhance the overall sale value of the airline.

    My money would be on Skyteam as the “everything else” alliance of choice. If they has wanted to join Star, given the cordial relations between VS and bmi, I feel certain they would have done so years ago.

    It will be interesting who they plump for; another reason it’s good to diversify your mileage portfolio and even more-or-less orphan miles (I have about quarter of a million Flying Club miles from my infrequent flights and not inconsiderable use of their credit card) may well become more useful once an alliance partner is announced, though looking at the list of skyteam members I can’t see one I’d particularly like to fly on, so the miles may well yet be spent on VS.


    I’m not sure I follow VK; I though Vladivostock via Sheremetyevo in economy was on everyone’s bucket list?

    That said, I did have a couple of flights on Garuda this week who weren’t bad at all.

    It would be nice to have a UK-based Star airline although a little annoying as I only just joined up with Miles & More and have racked up a few miles on them.


    I am going to risk the ire of members here, so this post is with the caveat that it’s based on my perception only – not experience.

    SkyTeam seems just a ragbag of airlines – Alitalia, Aeroflot, Aer Europa for starters. KLM is the only one I rate.

    I have read trip reports about Delta, and Air France don’t make me think of reliability and safety.

    So Virgin probably brings more to SkyTeam than the other way round.

    *runs for cover*


    I don’t care which one, they should just join one.
    But my money is on SkyTeam.


    try them before you rate them. Delta in USA is growing to be number one in term of quality and they certainly has better product compare to AA and UA (excluding First Class), you can feel this if you travel to NYC a lot and I am talking through experience.

    KL and AF business is not flat but comfortable enough for me, perhaps i am just not fussy. Having said that, AF-KLM is set to have a new flat bed “J” next year, starting with KLM’s 747.

    Alitalia’s new Magnifica, although look dull with grey colour, it is actually very comfortable and the food is always good or really good, the only think I don’t like about Alitalia is FCO.

    SkyTeam is actually a really good alliance, more organised in term of benefits across members compare to the other 2. SkyPriority for instance.
    Like any other thing in life, once you get familiar to them, they’ll grow in you and your perception will change. As I was in your spot last year. =)

    Have a good weekend everyone.


    i think you’re right, NIRScot. I see Skyteam as something of the Battlestar Galactica – a rag tag fleet of leftovers and unwanteds.

    However, just as is the case with Iberia, there’s opportunity where currently there is underperformance; this is exemplified in Delta which has transformed itself in the past decade, and there’s also an opportunity for other Skyteam Airlines to follow suit.

    Virgin would be a perfect fit, IMHO.


    The move gathers momentum…

    I always thought United was opposed, but things may have changed.

    Adding Virgin Atlantic to the Star Atlantic JV may bring benefits to all, by bringing together:
    -Virgin Atlantic
    -Lufthansa (inc. Austrian, Swiss, Brussels)
    -Air Canada


    As I’ve said on other threads. The true value that Virgin can b ring to Sta will only be recognised if they SERIOUSLY make a go of their intended network. Otherwise what do they really bring to the table?

    Not much I’m afraid. r


    Apart from LHR-HKG once NZ drop the route and HKG-SYD, would VS bring anything unique to *A in terms of a route offering?

    They would offer SkyTeam more but there’s the little matter of the 49& shareholding to consider.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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