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  • FaroFlyer

    Canucklad, BA was privatised 33 years ago.

    If BA / IAG is predatory what about LH?


    [quote quote=998545]Canucklad, BA was privatised 33 years ago.[/quote]

    Hi Faro Flyer , I was going to dismiss your “whatabouterry” but actually it’s a relevant point ……. LH group, AF/KL , Iberia, Alitalia and a few others are in the same position of strength as British airways .

    All are now privatised and all were state owned (protected ) carriers .
    All have seen off secondary carriers in their home markets , and have benefited from the demise of their competition.
    All were privatised from a position of strength, particularly when it came to protecting their hub dominance, making sure that the privatisations were made as attractive as possible to future shareholders. IMO artificially inflated to ensure the greatest number of applicants.

    IMO, BA should have been broken up into smaller companies, prior to its privatisation . Since It was privatised it’s never been in a position of weakness , levering its market dominance to its advantage and to weaken any competitor that threatens its built in dominance !

    It’s basically our Alitalia -just better run !

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    [postquote quote=998539][/postquote]

    We will agree to disagree then.

    Air Europa deal was done before CV was even thought of, a better question for Reuters to have asked would be whether IAG has a termination mechanism in the event they can’t get the price down.

    Re Virgin, I doubt there would be much interest, particularly as raising capital (if required) would be unappealing at current share price and the competition commission would delay it all. If anything they would more likely pick over the carcass in the event of a failure.


    Hi Simon,

    I agree, we disagree:-)

    Carcass picking is the most likely outcome now. Life changes very quickly at the moment and I don’t think the competition authorities can move at even a small fraction of the pace the economy is changing at. When I mooted that BA may buy VS assets, there was no Government imposed 14 day quarantine. Now, BA should maybe just wait and see.


    As everyone else is dreaming, so will I. It would be good for the UK economy if WW looks at their books and thinks he could create a provincial airline out of some of the assets of VS. Perhaps pick up their routes to Orlando and some other routes out of Manchester, Glasgow and Scotland. However that would be very much a leisure trips airline so perhaps it could be “LEVEL UK”. Except for a handful of slots at Heathrow and Gatwick and any unencumbered 787s or A350s what else could interest IAG. Probability…very low


    Hi Roy Jone,

    Not sure that BA will ever operate again from the regions, though I would love it to happen. Also not sure if Lady Crankie would agree that Glasgow is not part of Scotland:-)


    [postquote quote=998597][/postquote]

    I am becoming increasingly bewildered by this government’s apparent lack of thinking.

    They are saying Pax on flights coming into the UK will be subject to 14 day quarantine (not sure how it will work) unless they come from France.

    I last flew in December 2019. My routing was MEL-SIN-CDG-MAN.

    If I did that today, I would arrive in the UK from France.

    Would that exempt me from quarantine, despite my origin and transit points?

    Or am I missing the obvious?


    “No quarantine measures would apply to travellers coming from France at this stage”
    This can be interpreted to mean any or all of the following. Which is it?

    Travellers holding French nationality, regardless of where they are coming from.
    Travellers holding French nationality travelling from France.
    Travellers whose journey originates in France.
    As above, anyone travelling via French territory.
    Residents of France.

    How is ‘France’ defined :
    Metropolitan France only, mainland France only, France and the DOMs, France and the TOMs, France and the DOMs and TOMs?
    Does this only apply to travel by air, or does it include Eurostar, ferry, dinghies and rafts?

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    The same issue arises for people arriving in the UK from Ireland and people arriving in France from both Ireland and the UK.



    I see that Sky news is now reporting that VA has put insolvency practitioners on standby.
    Is that perhaps an indication that he beared one has finally run out of badly advised ‘white knights’?


    I believe that it’s more a confirmation that the media will jump on even the slightest bit of bad news so as to make all of us as miserable as they are.


    I believe today was the last Virgin flight from Gatwick?


    If Virgin were to fall, then being partly owned by Delta 49% i heard last, i would have thought its assets be brought in towards their side and Skyteam.

    Virgin and KLM /AF, recently announced equality of the Frequent flyer Schemes, so you could actually use VS miles for KLM or AF flights as it stands today.
    If this situation continues, Virgin will be much less likely to be viable, or survive, being a more Leisure Based Airline these days.
    I am not sure what we would have left, if we had miles in our FF accounts, presumably no rights, and lose them all?


    [postquote quote=999652][/postquote]

    “If Virgin were to fall, then being partly owned by Delta 49% i heard last, i would have thought its assets be brought in towards their side and Skyteam.”

    I’m really not sure what you are trying to say here, MarcusGB but, if you are suggesting that a shareholder of a bankrupt company (let alone an industry grouping it happens to be a part of) has a right over the assets of the defunct company, to the detriment of creditors, then I think you might be off beam.

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