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  • MartynSinclair

    I am travelling through T4 with a group of 6 friends, 1 who is in a wheelchair. Can my friend use his specially purchased travel wheelchair in the airport and do you have to request any special airport assistance or can the group of friends assist as needed?

    If parking is on a remote stand and we haven’t asked for assistance, can the airport be difficult or are they required to provide non step aircraft access, irrespective of whether it has been requested.

    Just looking how best to ensure a smooth transit through T4. My friend can walk into the aircraft but can not manage steps.

    Destination airport is small and I know they will be helpful.



    Hi Martyn
    When arriving by air you can definitely use your own travel wheelchair.
    I don’t know specifically re using your own chair when departing but one could reasonably assume that the same rules would apply.


    I was trying to provide a link to help with your question as above but as you can see it appears any link is subject to scrutiny.I Googled “Wheelchair Assistance at T4 LHR” and there is a webpage for “wheelchair travel org london airport” which hopefully will help



    Good morning Martyn:

    Passengers travelling on a wheelchair, should always advice, and notify the Airline in advance
    The Airline needs to know how many passengers, with reduced mobility there are on each flight
    And where they are seated on board

    This person will not be assigned an emergency exit
    The cabin crew needs to know where they are seated, to assist them, in case of an emergency

    Once at the Airport, you have to proceed to the check in area, to notify your presence, and put a label to the wheelchair
    This would be the right time to tell them, that you will take care of your friend, until you arrive at the boarding gate
    Usually, the smaller the airport, the better the assistance

    If the aircraft is connected to a jet-way, passengers can ride the wheelchair to the aircraft door
    The ground staff will take the wheelchair from there, and put it inside a special cargo hold, until you arrive to your destination

    If the aircraft is parked in a remote position, stairs will be used. In this case, a special vehicle will take your friend from the boarding gate, to the plane
    This vehicle will lift itself, reach the aircraft’s service door, and your friend will board directly into the aircraft
    Passengers travelling with assistance should be the first to board an aircraft

    Generally speaking, the quality of service offered to passengers travelling on a wheelchair is usually bad

    I hope this will help…
    There is only one important thing:
    Enjoy your time, company and friends!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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