Twitter user told to pay Ryanair for bomb hoax

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  • Cedric_Statherby

    I must say I am rather pleased to see this – and impressed that Ryanair (a) bothered and (b) got at the real person behind the twitter handle.

    Ryanair awarded £217,000 for bomb threat tweet

    One of the biggest issues with social media is that the anonymity of usernames facilitates the really nasty and destructive side of some people’s nature. I am very pleased to see that one person at least has learnt that mindless stupidity is not costless and that tweets have real consequences.

    There is no doubt that Twitter can bring people a lot of happiness and can do good. But whether or not it is a net force for good or net adds to the sum of human happiness is rather more in the balance.


    Good post.

    The reality is that there is no anynomity if the platform has your real ID.


    Hats off to Ryanair for having the tenacity to go after this individual. The more that idiots realise they are going to be held personally responsible for their actions, the better off we will all be.


    Yep, hats off to Ryanair indeed…..
    Crossing threads here, but I wonder if JOON would be pursue their target audience so willingly ?


    Probably a “Three B” bozo.

    ie Beard, Beerbelly, Baseball Cap.

    Noggin full of Fox News opinions and a cupboard full of firearms.

    About as likely, therefore, to be able to come up with the cash as to be able to locate the UK on a world map.

    Congrats to O’Leary, though.

    I expect he’s down at Kehoe’s Bar having a jar of stout to celebrate.


    It always amazes me how vitriolic some Americans can be if things do not go their way. I know we are all perhaps guilty of making the occasional threat, but usually along the lines of “never again xx lines” or “I’ll tell everyone on BT Traveller forum if you don’t do as I ask!” but never as such a threat. I think they think they can hide behind an anonymous name and being American no-one from outside the US will sue them.

    I’m only surprised RyanAir did not report it to the FBI as a potential terror attack and get the guy locked up for 30 years.


    I am delighted at this it shows that anti-social media and those who use or misuse it are not anonymous.
    Sadly it’s unlikely that the piece of excrement who did this will have any means to pay, but it does mean he will remain for the rest of his life with a judgment and a debt hanging over him. I hope it ruins his life.


    Good point about an FBI terrorism charge, Mr LP.

    Get the US Koevoet & Sjambok thugs to work.

    If he was Muslim, he’d already be shackled to the floor at Guantanamo.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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