Turkish airlines to cancel flights to Israel end October

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  • Oceanair

    Hi All,

    A client of mine said that Turkish Airlines to cancel flights Israel till end Oct 24 ,any truth


    This is correct there are no TK flight IST TLV in the GDS until October, pretty much the same every airline except EL al and other local carriers, who wants to fly to Israel right now!! and those who may want to want to do it safely! I don’t see any airlines returning until Israel stops the pointless war

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    Might be best to keep politics out of this.

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    To the contrary, many airlines are returning to TLV as the Israelis have a strong track record of ensuring aviation security even in times of war.


    oh really? kindly list the airlines returning to Tel Aviv? no UK or US ones for sure, but I would welcome you pointing out which airlines you say are returning, because as a Corporate Travel agent I do not see any! I sense there will no response now I have shown your post to be factually incorrect.


    I was surprised to see the number of airlines that appear on the Ben Gurion arrivals/departure board for the next few days…. I checked more than 1 site as I thought it was only El Al currently flying…

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    there are a lot of local airlines and the usual ones that would fly through a tornado for money Like Emirates , Etihad etc, LH group have flights a few days a week from FRA ZRH VIE but on A320 not the A340/777 they used to fly. so there are ways to get there but in the most parts most airlines flights are suspended for now , some sell from April onwards but cancel every few weeks rather than months in advance


    Most airlines operating the route have ether restarted, never stopped or have announced re-start dates.

    On January 9, the Lufthansa Group, which includes Lufthansa, Swiss International Airlines, and Austrian Airlines, all resumed flights to Tel Aviv.
    Virgin Atlantic, the UK-based carrier, has revealed its plans to recommence operations on the London-Tel Aviv route from March 17. Cathay schedule is showing flights from April 1st

    Restarting February include Athens-based Aegean Airlines and Bucharest-based Tarom.

    Those with announced imminent restart dates include Air France, Air Europa, Vueling, Transavia, Bulgaria Air, LOT Polish Airlines, Blue Bird, Azerbaijan Airlines, and TUS Airways.

    Etihad Uzbekistan Air, Ethiopian Airlines, Azimuth, Blue Bird, Hainan Airlines, Fly Dubai, Fly One and Red Wings never stopped their scheduled flights for more than a few days.

    I most certainly will have missed a few other restarts.


    “oh really? kindly list the airlines returning to Tel Aviv? no UK or US ones for sure, but I would welcome you pointing out which airlines you say are returning, because as a Corporate Travel agent I do not see any! I sense there will no response now I have shown your post to be factually incorrect.”

    This site is very welcoming to new posters as are their contributions to the very substantial and informative body of views and information gathered from the BT team and contributors over many years.
    However it is I believe rather expected and appreciated that those of us posting do so without the aggressive confrontation that I see your posts as showing.

    Over the years it has evolved that overtly political and/or personal religious views are needlessly divisive and subjects that contribute nothing positive or helpful to to this forum or the large numbers of business and frequent travellers to which I believe it is aimed. They tend to cause needless offence to many without contributing anything helpful and are thus not welcomed by most.

    Also a little research of the subject I have found from embarrassing experience avoids one being viewed as something of a twit that as a proclaimed travel professional I would have thought a view useful to avoid.

    The above are my personal views that as a contributor of some 20 years under a couple of handles I feel qualified to make. I hope that they are helpful as that is my intention in posting this.

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    Apart from Turkish Airlines, and Royal Jordanian it looks like a full house for airlines recommencing flights to Israel.
    This list took me about 2 minutes to put together thus I am a little surprised that our “Corporate Travel agent” had such difficulty. Note the several North American airlines returning

    Airlines returning to fly to Israel from end Feb and end March .

    Iberia: from 3.1 to Madrid

    EasyJet: from 3.1

    Air India: from 3.1 to Mumbai

    Eurowings: from 3.21 to Dusseldorf

    American Airlines: from 3.21 to New York

    Brussels Airlines: from 3.1 to Brussels

    Gulf Air: from 3.30 to Manama, Bahrain

    Wizz Air: from 3.1 to Budapest, Bucharest, Sofia, London, Krakow, Rome

    Vueling: from 3.2 to Barcelona

    United Airlines: from 3.2 to New York

    KLM: from 3.1 to Amsterdam

    Pegasus Airlines: from 3.1 to various destinations in Turkey

    Finnair: from 3.30 to Helsinki

    Cathay Pacific: from 3.28 to Hong Kong

    Royal Air from Morocco: from 3.1 to Marrakesh

    ITA: from 3.1 to Rome

    Air Baltic: from 4.1 to Riga

    Air Canada: from 4.3 to Toronto

    Emirates: from 4.1 to Dubai

    Bulgaria Air: from 4.8 to Sofia

    British Airways: from 4.1 to London

    Delta Airlines: from 4.1 to New York

    Virgin Atlantic: from 4.1 to London

    Cyprus Airways: from 4.2 to Larnaca

    Korean Air: from 4.30 to Seoul

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    anyonebutBAirways – I would agree with AlanOrton1 and CWoodward, please keep politics out of this as it is not the correct forum to express those type of views.
    There are many forums where you can freely express those views and get into debate with others who disagree with you but this is not one of them.

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    Many thanks to those of you that have provided input to this topic.

    Sadly we have had to remove some posts.

    I think it was my father that told me that you should be careful when talking about politics, religion, money and possibly sex!

    As this is a travel forum those are probably good principles to apply! With so many things happening around the world it can be hard but we would urge people to refrain from such posts and stick to travel.


    hahaha love this post even if its not factual. none of the airlines you have listed have announced “restart” dates. the dates listed are merely the dates the flights are “Currently” suspended until at the moment. flights cancellations are and always have been for most carriers cancelled 4-6 weeks in advance on average, hence why you can book the flights but since October none of them have been operating,10 out of 10 for effort though, might be best to stick to facts next time, even if airlines returned en mass there is zero demand, even the LH OS LX flights are not busy and they are all small aircraft compared to the A340/B777 they flew pre conflict, so airlines will not rush back and certainly not until there is demand, which there is zero right now, infact most organisations are strictly prohibited from going there.


    The information that you have posted is fundamentally incorrect as is the reasoning by “a Corporate Travel agent”…. Really?

    The airlines on the posted list are announced dates with some listed already flying. I have of course not checked all but most are accepting reservations for and beyond the listed dates and the information posted is in the public domain.

    I am not offering any opinion just listing published restart dates in the belief that this would be helpful (and checking several) although I am very pleased that almost all airlines are returning.
    Reservations on CX and Virgin are I know are strong, others I have no idea but airlines as we all know don’t fly for fun thus it seems reasonable to assume that there is a decent demand.

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    The Lufthansa Group has always flown narrow bodies to TLV but with many frequencies like 3times daily from FRA. Swiss used to fly The A330 every now and then but not on a regular basis. I think the last time they did was before COVID early 2020. United is resuming TLV but with a stop in Europe.

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