Turkish Airlines crew robbed at Sandton (Johannesburg)

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  • AMcWhirter

    The incident happened when the crew were returning to their hotel from a dinner in the city centre via the hotel’s shuttle bus.

    Turkey’s Dailysabah.com reported that the armed robbers blocked the bus with their vehicle while it was waiting at traffic lights.

    The crew were then robbed at gunpoint.


    Another report from Timeslive.co.za


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    The big problem is these guys have nothing, and therefore nothing to lose. GBP/USD/EUR are all changed 1 for 1 by the mr. Bigs as they can only change them with ID. The phones are not even used, but sold for the parts. If you go to an unofficial repair shop in SA to replace a cracked screen for example, you can be sure it is a stolen one. Bags, cases etc all end up on the street markets and again they get next to nothing. They don’t realise how much a Hermes or Chanel bag is actually worth. But, if they can clear ZAR3,000 it’s been a good day for them, but ti will be gone on drugs and booze by the next day.

    And if they get caught, and IF they go to jail, well it’s a holiday with free board and lodging with their friends. Only by improving the economy, getting jobs for the young, and much tougher sentencing, will anything change. The trouble is these guys have a vote, and the ANC know it!!!

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    Until the education system improves crime will continue to escalate. On paper, education has improved as they’ve increased the pass rate by reducing the pass mark and generally dumbing down. It’s deceit, or smoke and mirrors.

    It’s not as simple as improving education as that alone will not solve the problem, young people need to understand the importance of education and be motivated to succeed, and that is one of the biggest failings. If they can have an easy life of crime, it will continue spiralling out of control. There is no value in education without civilisation.

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    This news can’t be good for tourism …..and is a blight throughout Africa

    Although I’d be asking questions of the crew’s lack of common sense.
    You’d assume that they would be travel wise , and thus you’d also assume that they’d know better to be out and about with valuables.

    I’d definitely be leaving valuable watches and jewellery back at the hotel, and carrying only the minimal amount of cash needed for the night out !!

    Sadly the people who perpetrate such crimes don’t see the bigger picture and as my 2 learned SA travellers have mentioned only live for the moment.
    And until Africans can find a solution, the continent will unfortunately be perceived less than favourably by the rest of the global community and investment(or rather lack of) will reflect that.


    Unfortunately with the ruling elite lining their pockets and make sure their family and friends get a piece of the action, no example is being set to workless and homeless masses.

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