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  • Tom Otley

    Tuesday Documentary, Jumbo: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p041byzm via @bbciplayer

    Archive film. Very interesting.

    Tuesday Documentary

    In just four months, the world’s first jumbo jet goes into regular service over the Atlantic. Already 200 have been ordered by the world’s airlines. Each is designed to carry nearly 500 passengers. The jumbo has been called a ‘pilot’s dream.’ But will it also be an airport’s nightmare?

    By next year, half a dozen of the giants may be queuing at peak hours to disgorge their passengers at London Airport. Round the world, airports face their biggest jam in history. Jumbo jets will revolutionise airport design. But they may also speed up other travel developments, with far-reaching effects on the design and peace, of our cities. (1969)


    Great find Tom
    My favourite aircraft has brought me some of my most cherished memories,and has played an active role in how my life has played out.

    Forgive my nostalgia,but here’s two….

    Whether it was, as a treat,being bundled along with my little sister, into the back of the family Chevrolet,to go and park at the end of YVRs runway,and await the arrival of AC’s new jumbo from YYZ,and being awestruck at the size ,noise and power of this majestic ,almost living thing as it morphed from a distance ,seemingly floating down to earth, to roaring just inches above us , darkening the already darkened sky. For those brief seconds of wonder we forego the envy of AC having such a machine and we at plucky CP didn’t.

    And my 2nd most memorable recollection? Eventually CP had 4 of her own jumbos. And my first flight on our own Super Orange. YVR to HNL, first leg of a longer journey to visit relatives in Melbourne. Singing in the Rain was not a blonde haired blue eyed little boys idea of Hollywood at their best. But to see cinematography on a big screen ,on an airplane,and to hear Gene Kelly burst into song through state of the art plastic headsets was a wonder this little boy marvelled at. Then not long after Gene had tapped his last dance, our huge gigantic wings tilted and banked a salute to Diamond Head. Straightening out they grew bigger and bigger in front of my eyes, then I got my first glimpse of Waikiki,and the rainbow hotel. At this point TV realization kicked in, with a cold panicked sweat,followed by a plea to my parents not to leave the sanctuary of our saviour Empress (CP planes were all empress of somewhere) for harm would come to us for sure if we stepped foot on this murderous island.

    My fears heightened,as the welcoming lei was draped over my crying eyes. 3 days later we all returned to join our smaller empress in the shape of a stretch 8 to continue our journey to OZ.

    Thanks again Tom, for the chance to recollect happy childhood memories.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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