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    Hi All,

    Recently I flew from LGW-CLT with US Airways in Envoy and thought I would give a quick trip report. Normally I would fly direct to my destination with BA but thought I would give US Airways Envoy product a try changing in CLT. I mostly did this as direct BA Route is getting packed solid for the next few months so this ticket was a lot cheaper and also I thought the flat bed would be nice for the night flight home.

    I arrived fairly early for the 10am flight to LGW, I went to zone J at Gatwick South, a separate Q for Envoy customers and I only had 1 person in front of me so no wait at all…Checked in quickly with no problems and given a voucher to get on to No1 lounge.

    LOUNGE –
    A quick walk around Gatwick (not much going on there ever and a bit boring) so I decided to go to the lounge for a coffee before boarding. The lounge was very busy and they were turning people away. I wasnt very impressed with the offerings, apart from the free bar service (alcohol) hardly any food on offer unless you wanted to order something to be made but I didnt have the time so had a luke warm coffee from the self serve pot and read a bit of my book. The flight was called at 9am (10am departure) so I wasted no time in going down to the gate.

    I arrived at the gate and sat down for 10 secs when they called Envoy and special assistance pax for boarding….so was delighted I didnt have to hang around, the departure areas at LGW south are cold and depressing…..I was 2nd on board and was met by a miserable US Airways flight attendant who mumbled where i was to go (even though I already knew). Once in my seat the menu was distributed, sparkling wine and newspapers along with amenity kit and earphones. The seat (rev herringbone style flat beds) are very comfortable, I was sitting in row 4 (window) so had a semi pvt pod almost, I liked how simple the chair was to operate but thought the cabin looked outdated, scruffy and the cosmetic look on the chair looks rubbish (nothing compared to CX new business which is the same seat whereby it looks class). The flight attendants who are ancient in age also look scruffy as all of their uniforms do not match. One flight attendant serving my side was very friendly and jokey, the others looked like they hated their jobs

    FLIGHT –
    Take off was 15 mins late which is fine and the climb was smooth, soon after the crew were coming around with your first drink (ordered on the ground for take off) served with warm nuts. I decided to check out the IFE, the screen is a perfect size and to watch is at a perfect length/position, the problem is the offerings, old dated movies with the new realeases being american which you probably havent heard off, however there are a lot of films for you to pick so you should be able to find something to watch even though I found the offerings poor compared to the bigger international airlines

    MEALS –
    My started arrived which was smoke salmon with horse radish sauce and pumpernickel bread, served with warm rolls, it tasted good and did the trick although nothing amazing
    For my main I went to their signature beef served with roast potatoes and veg, this was very tasty and I was impressed with the beef, also impressed that it was piping hot.
    I cant remember what I had for dessert, although I am sure it was fine but nothing amazing.
    The wine list is nothing to shout about, they had a choice of 2 red or 2 white, I had a french white and it was fine, along with a few beers.
    Shortly before landing I had a hot pizza served with a salad which was fine for a quick pre-landing snack, there was also a snack bar set up in one of the galleys if you were pecking with crisps, fizzy drinks, fruit and chocolate.

    I enjoyed my trip with US Airways, I can see why it would be hit and miss. the standard is just not there to compete with bigger international airlines
    1) The cabin needs to look inviting, not old and outdated although you do find with US airlines in general they dont understand what class is
    2) The crew (some friendly) are just not professional enough, in appearance or with customer service, matching uniform would be a good start, there was no attenion to hair etc so all looked a bit ragged
    3) No announcements in flight from crew on both legs, pre-departure or pre-arrival
    4) The IFE needs to be broader as does the menum although I must say the food was good and V hot which I like.


    Nice to see a review after asking questions about this before you went. Interesting to know what your thoughts were on the domestic legs?


    Not massively impressed with Domestic to be honest, I know you get what you pay for. First class was just like economy except a bigger chair. it was free drinks and food, the food was ok but nothing to shout about. The internal flight was 5 and half hours long, with no IFE so was incredibly boring, although you can connect to GOGO Wifi on the air craft but they have no power points so eventually your lap top batt will run out.


    CityRiskBoy, sorry to hear about your boredom on a 5.5 hour flight. As someone who hardly ever uses IFE systems (even on a 12 hour flight), may I recommend something really old fashioned called a book? Great entertainment, I can assure you. If that is not cool, try an e-book as an alternative!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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